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  1. Thanks.. About taking out a heater and replacing it..I should have been more clear..sorry.. What I meant.. Is it safe to take out a heater..do they each run alone or is it a system ? Is there a site that anyone knows of that has info on these heaters ? ...Don't want to be a pest with all these questions[] Once we take one out..we'd like to replace it with a regular base board heater. Thanks again[]
  2. [] Thanks so much for the replies !!! Would you know if it's possible to paint the covers were the rust is with some type of heat resistant paint ? Also..is it possible to relocate a heater ? Or to take a heater out of a room ? The kitchen and dinning room were opened expaned together at some point..so there are two large heaters..just about side to side.. We might want to replace the one in the bathroom..as the bathroom is soo small and the heater is on the only small open wall ...behind the door.. Would it damage the whole set-up to take out a heater ? Thanks again !!
  3. We just bought a home , built in 1965, in each room there is a intertherm baseboard heater. Which I believe are orginal to the home. Model..EBH 1500 24 The thermostats are located on the wall. The prevoius owner told us never to turn the thermostats all the way off or "bad" things would happen. As that what he was told by the orginal owners son ? But the stats have been turned all the way off. I've search for info on these heaters to no avail. Some of the heaters are rusted . And we're no sure how to maintain them. I do know that they are water and some type of gas..but yet electric. Thanks in advance for any info!!!
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