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  1. I bought a Modine Hot Dawg Garage heater. The only venting solution I have is to attach the vent from the heater to the main B-Vent for my furnace and water heater. I already did the calculation for the current B-vent to see if it can handle the additional BTU'S and it can. Running up through the house is 5in B-vent. The run from the heater to the main B-vent stack is around 5ft. My question is: Can i attach single wall vent pipe into the B-vent? If so How do I go about doing that? Thanks, Mike
  2. gmanmdg

    Venting Q's

    Thanks sounds like i bit off more than i can chew. Its a brand new furnace so i think it will be heading to ebay. Thanks for all your help.
  3. There are no cars in the garage it is being converted into a wood shop.
  4. I have a carrier 58STA090-14 that I would like to install in my basement and use it to just heat my garage. My question is..... Can I restrict the furnace output and input with just ducting going the garage? I will most likey have 2- 12x8 output ducts and 1-12x8 comming from the garage to the basement. Is this enough? and Will the system work? Thanks Mike
  5. gmanmdg

    Venting Q's

    My only concern about installing it in the basement is that this such a big furnace designed to heat a whole house and I just want it to heat a garage. The reason I wanted to locate it in the garage was because the full output and input would be going to the garage. If I mount it in the basement, I can only fit like 2- 12x8 ducts through the floor and out into the garage for heat and 1-12x8 return duct. I am just afraid of choking the system.
  6. gmanmdg

    Venting Q's

    Ok, Let me ask this then. Can I put it in my basement and then wye into the venting for my current furnace?
  7. gmanmdg

    Venting Q's

    I have Carrier 58sta090-14 nat gas furnace. I want to use this furnace in my garage laying horizontal. My garage is a 20x20 2 car garage all drywalled. In the garage attic there is a vent for the gas clothes dryer. What i need help is on: Can I wye this vent and vent the furnace through the gas dryer vent in the roof? The vent is approx 6 to 7 ft away from a window that over looks the garage roof. Thanks Mike
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