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  1. Is there a minimum clearance for Hardie Plank to grade?
  2. Potable water plumbing. This is a new construction and the pex is run in the slab, no protection around it.
  3. Does the code require pex to be protected in a slab?
  4. I looked at a 40-50 house that had what appears to be mold/mildew in two of the closets, one closet had it on the ceiling the other was on the wall close to the floor behind some items. This house was unoccupied and the closets were on opposite ends of the house. What caused it and what should be done? Thanks! Image Insert: 599.81 KB
  5. This house had trusses that appeared not to have been bought, there were hardware stickers on the nail plates. One of the trusses had been cut, how should I Image Insert: 522 KBaddress it?
  6. Yesterday I looked at at a condo, the upstairs ceiling was sheetrock and there was some areas the nails were backed out, they were in a line, three different rooms, can someone tell me what's going on?
  7. The gas heating unit was in the basement, the first 5 feet was double wall pipe and then it went into a single wall pipe. Am I Image Insert: 108.09 KBcorrect that it should be double wall pipe through the floor, walls, and ceiling. Thanks Doug.
  8. A friend of mine has hardwood floors In a house that 4 years old and In the hall there Is a spot that pops when you step on It.The floor Is on a slab,any Ideas on how to fix It so the foor doesn't pop?
  9. First of all thanks for the Information I've been getting It's really been helpful.This house Is 35 years old. I don't know If this siding is wood or some type of masonite.It's very hard except at the bottom where It meets the brick and Is deteriorated. Download Attachment: IMG_0226.JPG 94.69 KB
  10. Should the wood siding have been flashed? Doug Download Attachment: IMG_0236.JPG 100.87 KB
  11. What is this on the ceiling of the sunroom? It appears to be something like fiberglass. Download Attachment: IMG_0169.JPG 82.97 KB
  12. What kind of floor joist Is this? Doug Welborn Download Attachment: IMG_0184.JPG 147.98 KB
  13. I'm trying to get started home inspecting,I"m practicing on friends and family homes right now trying to get experience and up to speed .This home was a friends mother-in-laws Image Insert: 113.83 KB.The sunroom was previously a deck,It appears to me to be a ledger board on brick veneer.Doesn't It need support post next to the house? I need Imput!
  14. What Is this on top of the plywood In the attic Image Insert: 109.89 KB? Should It be there or removed?
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