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  1. If he's an ex-inspector why is he doing this? That might be a good question to ask the founder of NACHI. I understand the the salary is very good. I was thinking pretty much the same thing, but Mel is handing the project off to the first five members of the board of directors and then he is washing his hand of the project. Strange as it may seem, his intentions seem to be fairly altruistic. Four years ago he saw a need for licensing here is Washington and has invested both his time and money on putting together a proposal that, when looked at from many different angles, appears t
  2. I use a SureTest every single day. Love it. My standard statement for a loaded voltage drop is: The outlet in the (pick a room) indicated a loaded voltage drop of >5%. This may indicate a loose connection at some point in the circuit. A more in depth evaluaton by a licensed electrician is advised. My opinion: a finding outside the norm, good use of weasle words (may indicate), defer, defer, defer. I write what I see and let the client make the decision. Walker
  3. One of the ways I explain my findings to my clients is to have them visualize three boxes; the box on the right is the absolute school anser - the middle box is for things that aren't perfect, but aren't really problems - and the left box is for things that really should be corrected. I also tell them that in writing I will always give them the school answer - but in this case I would tell them in my out loud voice that while it doesn't appear to be a design feature from the manufacturer - it's probably not an issue.
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