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  1. Hey sepefrio, Thanks for helping to clear things up the other day. Do you know if the VB central library has any good HI books available. Good luck amigo.
  2. Thanks Jim for that great book list and thanks John for the price quotes.
  3. You guys are offering me some stellar advice. So I guess these 8 day intensive training schools are a good basic knowledge provider and nothing more. I have learned more by reading these forums these past few days then the previous weeks. Does the training school at least give you the knowledge to pass the exam? Thanks a lot all you guys for helping me make an informed decision. Is there one training program that definitely reigns supreme over the others?
  4. But don't you have to have something to say that you actually went through some kind of a training program. I would think these schools would at least help you because you could put their logo on your card.
  5. Hey John, Yeah I am thinking about the AHIT at Norfolk State. I will call when I can get free, hopefully this weekend. from what I am reading and hearing it is probably better to work for someone else. My situation is that I don't have to start earning immediately, I have a window or buffer where I can give my self adequate time to learn the business ins and outs. Did you intern for a established HI? I will check out Alpha.
  6. I was suppose to start March 1st with a 10 day program from AHIT. And the whole real estate thing is a real concern. I am looking for a real kick start to do this right.
  7. Thanks Mike, I was reading some archives and rants, and it seems most advise against these 7-10 day training programs. Aside from getting a good mentor, what do you suggest? There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of other choices.
  8. Thanks guys all points well taken. I am new to this forum stuff. one quick question, How much work can a novice inspector expect to get in the very beginning?
  9. Sorry for the error on the previous reply, I replied before I type in my message.
  10. Thanks a lot you guys for the info, any help is appreciated.
  11. I really dont know if this is the place to ask this general question, but is there anyone that can give me the lowdown on all these Home Inspection training programs. I am thinking of starting training for this fine industry. I have been a wallpaper and wall vinyl installer for many years and would really love to be able to correspond with some Home Inspectors to really get a feel for this business, any helpful suggestions would be appreciated. I am a little leary about some of these schools and how quickly you can complete their programs. If this is not the place for this type of inquiry please forgive me and direct me to where I might get some helpful advice. Thanks for any help.
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