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  1. Define "outside" if the exhaust pipe is dumped in the soffit area that is NOT "outside" of the building envelope. Soffits are air "intake" for attic circulation. I get to argue that with here in TX all the time with builders as well as local building officials. >>>> its on an end wall - not near or below a soffit
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  4. When you first had what problem, water in the condensate pan or mold on the attic sheathing?>>> condensation/frost on roof sheathing prior to getting new roof vents ect.. the air handler is for ac only so not in operation during winter.
  5. how so. It seems the water is from sweating (frost)on the air handler. the intake duct was sealed off w plastic. the outlets were just closed w a screw driver. although IM now sealing off them w plastic also. When I first had this prob originally I did have high humidity levels in the house. I traced the prob to a large open topped fishtank. humidity levels have been more normal since. So there's an air handler up there and you can see water in the secondary pan? If so, you've got another problem. - Jim Katen, Oregon
  6. the smaller wing which is above the master bedroom (and also very tight in relation to the rest of the attic. and adjasent to it over the bathroom. The rest of the attic is much better w no mold. However I did see water in the pan under the air handler (in the unefected area of the attic) indicating some condensation.
  7. Need those soffit vents for the ridge vents to work properly. >>>> when they put in the ridge vents In 4 yrs ago i took off the perforated alluminum soffit covers to find no actual vents so I did cut 2X4 holes every couple of feet and then recovered w the perforated aluminum covers.
  8. * Make sure that the bath fan exhaust goes out through a vent that's high on the roof. If it goes out through a soffit vent, then there's a good chance that the moist, humid air is just being drawn back into the attic.>>>> Its vented through a wall at the end of the house w no soffit. * If the insulation in your attic is damp, you have a condensation problem. Nothing else that you do will help in any way until you solve the condensation problem. >>>>> what is the best way to find where the indoor air is getting up there. I thaught I found it years ago when I found and closed a gaping hole around the chimney. I havn't found any others.
  9. Ill try to get some pics. Its an L shaped ranch about 1400 sq ft, only other venting is very thin gable vents
  10. I have mold covering the roof sheathing over the bedroom (whitch is a very tight area of the attic) and over the bathroom (in the main (open) part of attic next to the bedroom). the insulation in these areas are damp. The roof was new about 4 years ago and installed soffit ridge vents. At that time I had some moisture issues in the attic but thaught I solved it by increasing ventalation and sealing any air leaks i could find. bath vents to outside. how do I kill mold and should I lift batt insulation and put down a continuas plastic vapor barrier? should I also add a powered vent? thanks
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