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  1. Isn't that what we're hired for? An independent opinion?
  2. Jason, Yes, that convertible Panasonic is sweet. I wonder if it's fully functional as a tablet. How much does the tablet part weigh? I have been looking at the Motion M1400 tablet. (~3lbs) I agree, I think the tablet form factor is the best. I am hoping a bunch of people tell me that a PDA is everything I need and it's easy to get used to, easy to write on and you don't get lost in the program, etc., etc. so I don't have to fork over the big bucks for a tablet. I am willing to do that though if I need to. (if the PDA won't do the trick) Thanks for the input, Jason Good Business to you, Ray
  3. Am looking at converting my onsite reporting system to a digital system. Hardware seems to be my first choice. What kind of experiences have you all had with: Notebooks, Convertibles, PDA's, Tablets, etc? Pros and Cons of each? Would like to produce a Summary on site (to guide discussion of findings) and email report from site. Simple insertion of photos, etc. I'm guessing that Notebooks are powerful, easy data entry, relatively inexpensive, quick to print from, combersome to carry around. Convertibles may have the benefits of both Notebooks and Tablets. Durability? Tablets allow you to see nearly an entire page at a time (much like my book that I now use), easy to hand print on large screen, powerful, heavy at approx. 3 lbs., quite expensive. PDA's are inexpensive, light weight, easy to carry around, small screen making it difficult to hand print on screen; know where you're at; find your way around, slow to no printing capabilities without Notebook, etc. This is all speculation at this point since I have no field experience with any of it. All comments welcome. Thanks.
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