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  1. 1 hour ago, Bill Kibbel said:

    Post the exact language in the standards that specifically prohibits cost projections.  Does it state "not required to" or prohibit?  Are these standards recognized/enforced by any state law?

    Testing vermiculite for asbestos is completely useless and wasting the homeowners money.  There is no correlation between any test results and the actual presence/absence/amount of asbestos fibers in the vermiculite.

    We have a PIP Professional insurance Plan for our e&O  that states

    5. Members shall not repair any condition found during an inspection or give cost
    And "apparently" the government licensing has agreed  as well.

  2. My association has said in no uncertain terms, that I must not provide cost estimates of any type. At a recent association conference there was a report writing seminar with the following recommended summary phrases:

    1.Buried Oil Tanks
    “Inspect for buried oil tank before subject removal as tank and contaminated soil can be very expensive to
    remove. Obtain documentation etc......
    2) Poly-B Piping
    “There have been failures of earlier polybutylene piping plastic fittings. Now there have been documented
    cases of the piping material itself failing. Possible insurance issue as some companies may require replacement
    of Poly-B water supply lines. Replacement can be costly.”
    3) Aluminum wiring - solid conductors
    “Have licensed electrical contractor inspect all solid aluminum connections. Possible fire/safety and insurance
    issue. This may be expensive depending on the required work”.
    4) Knob-n-Tube Wiring
    “Given the age of the home there may be knob-n-tube wiring. Have licensed electrical contractor determine if
    any knob-n-tube wiring is currently in use in the home. Possible insurance issue and may be expensive to repair
    or rewire”.

    9) Vermiculite Insulation
    “Vermiculite insulation noted in the attic which may contain asbestos. Have tested for asbestos before subject
    removal. The removal of asbestos must follow WorkSafe protocols and can be very expensive.”


    Can be very expensive,

    can be costly

    may be expensive

    Can be very expensive

    If I make these kind of statements the very first thing my clients will ask is how much, and they will not accept me saying I am not allowed to provide any kind of cost estimates. I have just told them its going to be expensive. I don't think they want to hear really, really, really  expensive.

    Personally I thinks all of the above phrases are in fact " cost estimates " and should be avoided.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.    Thanks
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