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  1. The chimney had a new liner put in when the furnace was installed. I don't think it is a problem.
  2. Here are the pictures of the installation. I hope I do this right!
  3. Are those the minimum specifications you quoted above? If so this installation is a no go no matter what the pipe configuration. There is another hole available to the far right in the picture. It is from an old dryer installation no longer used. It was my first suggestion to the installer as the hole was there already. Seems he may have chosen the worst possible location to knock a new hole in my wall. [:-censore
  4. Yes this is the latest and greatest model. the 90 on the exhaust is left over from the crapola job he did with the first installation! This is a single family house. I will take more pictures of the entire installation and post them.
  5. He also has NOT insulated any pipes in the basement. Again I suppose it is up to me. I thought this one portion of my renovation was NOT going to be a DIY but I guess not!
  6. My furnace guy came the other day and changed the outside piping to what you see in the attached picture. It seems awfully clumsy to me. I've given up on this dude and will probably replace this setup with an actual termination kit as was mentioned previously.
  7. Sorry I misspoke. My furnace is a York Affinity 9.C modulating unit and not a Trane mentioned in the subject line. I will take a picture and post it.
  8. yes -40c. On Sunday it was -53c with the wind chill. Seriously. The condensation is the basement inside air condensing on the cold intake pipe for about the first ten feet or so. Soon I suppose there will be no friggin water in the air at all!
  9. Yes that's exactly what's happening. The condensation I was referring to was on the outside of the intake pipe. At -40c the pipe temperature is enough to build up condensation on the outside of the pipe. Then of course it drips all over my basement floor. A logical solution (at least to me) is to have the vent pipes inside each other, a double wall configuration with the exhaust gases running on the outside and the intake air on the inside, being warmed up in the process. Just thinking out loud.
  10. No instruction booklet was left. Figures. I did find a few kits on the internet. Another question. Should my inside pipes be insulated? The intake produces a fair amount of condensation in cold weather.
  11. What does a termination kit look like? Can I buy one myself? I don't trust this dude!
  12. I have a brand new Trane York Affinity high efficiency furnace. It seems to be a nice unit except I think the installer put it in wrong. In cold weather the intake pipe freezes up with condensate from the exhaust gasses. I also think he installed the pipes too close to my dryer vent. Is there a specification about proximity to these vents? Also the pipes are just plumbed out the side wall with no vent covers. Is this a normal installation?
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