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  1. Yes if you look at the previous pictures I sent there is a diagram of horizontal venting from the installation manual.
  2. I just wanted to say a final thank you to all who responded to my questions. I lowered the unit heater 7" to allow for a proper flue configuration. The unit heater was inspected, by a city building inspector on thursday afternoon and he passed the installation with no problems. Here are some follow up pictures of the final installation: Thanks Craig Slater Click to Enlarge 44.78 KB Click to Enlarge 32.51 KB Click to Enlarge 26.84 KB Click to Enlarge 27.96 KB
  3. If I am correct in my calculations the 45,000 btu furnace needs 3000 cubic feet before a vent is required. My garage is 3,758 cubic feet.
  4. I have decided that lowering the unit heater is my best option. This will allow the venting to run up and out as recommended by the manufacturer (1/4" / ft).The unit will hang below what code requires so I will weld a protective shroud to protect the unit. the unit heater is mounted in the back of the garage. the out side flue cap is about 15 ft away from the closest window. Click to View 40.05 KB Click to View 34.55 KB Click to View 37.45 KB Click to View 35.51 KB Click to View 31.67 KB
  5. I have called a qualified installation company, they are coming to check my install. I was just looking for solutions to the venting problem.
  6. Its an attached garage with bedrooms above the garage. I dont have the option of a vertical venting system. This is why I bought this model of furnace.
  7. The spec say I'm allowed to horizontal vent with one 90 deg. and a max of 5 feet of pipe. Click to View 32.75 KB
  8. I'm not sure what a transmogrifier is?
  9. I have a Mr. Heater MHU45 unit heater for my garage. Ceiling hieght is 8'-7". The heater is mounted 2" from ceiling. The sofit on the exterior drops 10" below ceilng hieght. I installed the venting with 3- 3" 26GSG 90's, 1- 3"x12" GSG single wall, 3" wall thimble and 1- 3' B1 vent with a vent termination cap. The venting drops at the 90's 6" to get it below the exterior sofit with requiered clearence. I"m told because of the drop 90's this won't pass code. Do you have any solutions to this problem? Note: If I lower the furnace to allow for direct venting the unit will be below the garage door header opening. Click to View 47.51 KB
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