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  1. Fiberglass is an approved material for fireblocking around ducts and other penetrations - as long as it's installed so that it securely remains in place. The latter is left open to interpretation.
  2. Sure. They're usually painted gold/bronze or silver. I think it's made by Vanguard and named Thermotronic or Thermosonic or something similar. Early 1960s.
  3. You can easily determine if there's enough downhill slope to the street - and you don't need much. Rent a transit, buy a cheap laser level or even a string level. Sounds like a good situation for a channel drain along this curb.
  4. That's often the case with this type of installation but, Jerry stated this to be new construction.
  5. I think it's just a basic milling machine.
  6. I think folks that take baths might like to sit back and relax. It's probably more comfortable ifn all the protruding bits are at one end.
  7. That's hilarious, Jerry. Now I don't feel so bad about the shit I do.
  8. Around here, there's a nest in every box with an open knock out. Pull it out and the insulation on the wires inside the nest is gone.
  9. PTAC unit - you inspecting a motel?
  10. No issues with the return ducts/vents or blower?
  11. That's a really cool sink. Not original to the house though. Mid 40s through the 50s.
  12. Gotsta stick with the TK series for what we do.
  13. I would say no. A connector shouldn't pass through a wall, partition or housing.
  14. You're not measuring the temperature of the air with that - just surfaces. It is worthless.
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