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  1. can't remember ever having to promote the idea. Write a good report. I am not as grumpy as Marc, but understand his position. I have had coverage for many many years and really never thought about using it in my grand market plan. I have had some limited success in this profession. I understand Jim K's position.
  2. The couple I have out in the barn seem to get along just fine and seldom require any "winding up". PS: they move in a year ago.
  3. got a couple out in the barn.
  4. i can for you. email me.
  5. my kid bought in Jupiter, Fla. We had an impossible time finding anyone that "did not suck". Even Cramer did not know anyone.
  6. I can name that tune in 6 notes! wonder what Kurt is doing.
  7. Erby is right in wanting a photo. I would want to "see" site before offering solutions. For what it is worth, I have seen precious few sites that require lots and lots of time and money. Drainage gets really complicated when you waste your time trying to make water do something un-natural. Sure there are exceptions and all situations are not "improve the grade", but many are just remembering that water runs downhill. PS: water also always wins!
  8. your post sound like my life after meeting my wife!
  9. Hey Marc, I know what you mean to say, but many other readers may not.
  10. My personal opinion is the van is the better vehicle. I have been impressed with converted "bread" vans. Couple of them had fold out hammocks! it seems there is lots of room for stuff, slow speed, good gvrw, etc.
  11. we have seen that pretty often. heights and wind direction is only reason I can think of. I suppose there is a hundred rules why not, but if it works, what is real implication?
  12. Hey Bill, didn't they come atop an American Standard steel counter top?
  13. operated pop-up drain. not exact but gives you the idea.
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