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  1. I'd move them, inspect, put them back and never say a word. The house I was in yesterday had a shotgun on each level. I didn't have to move any though.
  2. I see more screwed up GFCI installations than I see any other electrical problem. I guess open J boxes and open splices would be right there at the top of the list too.
  3. and the real estate agent says: well, does it leak?
  4. https://payments.intuit.com/ Online or phone swipe with intuit.
  5. I have also noticed that the lighter tan or brown shingles last longer here. I suspect it is due to the color but not sure.
  6. What kind of vent pipe is that? Looks like Plexvent maybe.
  7. Is that a regional thing (versus being 6')? just a joke, and see if anyone noticed.
  8. max height for breakers used as switches. 240.24 2005 NEC
  9. Yesterday I had an exterior main disconnect at the exterior by the meter. The 150 amp main was over 80" above grade. Would this be under the 240 section in NEC regarding the 6'-7" rule? I'm 5'-12" and I could reach it, but anyone much shorter would need a bucket or ladder to reach it.
  10. I don't even ask, I may tell them I'm about to fire them up. Like everyone else said, just for a minute or less. I have found ones that don't work. Kinda nice to find out it don't work instead of waiting till that first cold night when you need it.
  11. 15 years and I've never seen that. I'd certainly write it.
  12. I had this guy in an old detached garage a couple of weeks ago on a vacant property. He was only 3.5 feet or so. He did not move much for the entire 4 hours that I was there. Fat and sleepy I guess. Click to Enlarge 55.76 KB
  13. I had one like that about a year ago. Unfortunately it was on a vacant town house and it ruined a bunch of wood flooring and drywall below it. The inspection was postponed for three weeks due to the repairing/replacing and general drying out of the place...
  14. Maybe a wireless device for the security system. I see them alot around here because lots of folks no longer have a home/land line due to the cell phones.
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