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  1. FYI only........ http://www.trec.state.tx.us/inspector/default.asp
  2. Chad...thanks for your input on the schools. And the car is a 1972 Chevelle. Have that street cruiser ride and a 1965 Chevy Impalia Station Wagon and one of my sons another 72' Chevelle semi-drag race car. Mike...thanks for the details on your exp. on the business,this is just what I want to hear from you guys. i know it gets tiring answering questions like this from guys like me just getting my feet wet,,but I want to do it right!! Thanks for any encouragment in the future. Thanks all and hope additional members step up and comment also.......I am like a sponge just trying to absorb
  3. Hey Terry,,,,first THANK YOU for the time you spent answering in brief my question. I have done my homework very well on this. I am well informed about ITA and the quality teaching they provide,,,,this is in fact the 188 classroom hours course I was refering to for $2750. This will allow me to bypass the lower two state of Texas TREC lic.. I can complete the program in 4.5 weeks and take the Professional level exam right away---then the all important on the job training and experience. I am hoping to find a part time job with a local company in hopes that when the time comes and I am fully wet
  4. Mike.....sorry I ment NACHI. Well I can look back over the previous,,,but sorta thought someone might still want to help out on commenting. []
  5. Bobby thanks for the tip,,,,hope you will check back again and share your thoughts. I will fill in the profile section,,,,HOPE others will comment to my question.
  6. Howdy,,,,,I am new to forum,,,,and un-yet officially in the industry. I have scanned several forum topics and find some great information,,,but also find myself questioning if this is an industry worth investing $2750 to attend a 5 week classroom Home Inspectors training course in prep to take the Texas TREC Professional Real Estate Inspector Lic.. DON"T get me wrong,,,,you guys sound like true pro's and enjoy the profession,,,,but I am still trying to decide my course of events. I for fun took the on-line NACHI 120 question test and made a grade of 81 the first time,,,,,I have no direct train
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