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  1. If that's what happened then I'm suspicious of that inspector. My inspection and report first becomes more difficult as the number of issues and their gravity goes up on a given house, but at some point it becomes easier. On the very worst of houses, systems are written off with a single, detailed and carefully crafted paragraph. My fees actually become earned more quickly. Also, the number of issues does not mean it's a crappy house. That's determined by the sum of each issue and its gravity.
  2. I don't get what's going on, why he wouldn't do the inspection because the house had too many issues. If you have a copy of the report written by him, send it to me. I'll tell you what I think. I often review reports from all over the USA.
  3. What Bill said. I've worked on several. The fluted grooves in the table are used to hold the work piece down.
  4. Not all the way from the ceiling. That's what I was concerned about. At the end I didn't write it.
  5. Dumb builder. It happens. You wrote it up?
  6. The fumes, grease and heated air have no way to get out.
  7. Sounds like the moisture that allowed the mold to grow was interior moisture that got into the attic. It's warmer in the interior than the attic in the winter so if that interior air gets into the cold attic, condensation might result, giving old spores what it needs to grow. I don't see what the lack of a firewall between garage and attic has to do with this mold growth.
  8. Thanks. I sent the report without writing the patio kitchen.
  9. Does anyone see an issue with this gas stove in a covered back porch? The stove is the narrow one in the middle. On the left is a gas powered griller.
  10. That's sure to last a long time. It was a mistake...happens.
  11. I had this mouse that was eating my satsuma's off my tree. Finally caught him in the act one night, blinding him with my flashlight but he had a white crest on his chest that was so pretty that I couldn't get myself to kill him. I let him eat.
  12. I can't reconcile your observations. It's not making sense. Low latent load would trend towards observations like you've made but even the total lack of latent load would not produce a 39 degree differential. What were outside temperatures and was the fresh air intake open?
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