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  1. I suspect that, by 'upgrade', Trent meant a new computer. If you want to be able to upgrade the latest operating system on the same computer, get a Mac.
  2. The T&P drain line should never rise or even level off. It needs to slope downward in the direction of drainage throughout it's length for precisely the reason the inspector mentioned.
  3. I think one of the causes is that the closet doesn't have adequate ventilation. Moisture level soar when there's no ventilation.
  4. If the gables are vented, you don't need soffit vents.
  5. If an electric element is bad, you'll likely see where it's broken, just by looking at it closely, tracing the elements throughout their length. These heaters won't blow hot air, just warm air. Electric doesn't get as hot as gas-fueled furnaces. If you want to know if it works, turn it on and check the amperage. It'll draw about 16 amps for each element that's connected. For example, if three elements are connected, it'll draw about 50 amps, more or less. Still won't give hot air, just warm. Sometimes, not all elements are connected. Check to make sure they're all connected but do
  6. The vast majority of the time that I spend on report writing is not spent finagling the format, or even the photos, it's coming up with the complete sentences that express precisely what I've seen, as simply, briefly and coherently as I can. None of that 'Inspected, Inspected, Inspected' drone that plagues so many reports. That's the true labor of report writing. No software can do that. Efficiency doesn't even enter the equation.
  7. An AC indoor section is a place where cold surfaces cause moisture to condense and form water. Mold spores are microscopic and everywhere so all that it takes for it to grow anywhere is sufficient moisture. Your AC closet likely has mold on it's walls because a high moisture source is there and there isn't enough ventilation when the AC isn't running to dry it out quickly enough. Before the new AC is installed in the closet, get in there and clean off the walls with paper towels and a bottle of Tilex. Try to alter your AC installation so that it has ventilation at all times, especially whe
  8. For the time being, I'd suggest reading Jim K's post more, writing less. It took me years to figure what the heck Kurt M was talking about, but when I did, my respect for him went sky high. Jim's in the same league as Kurt. He has a lot to teach but you have to listen closely and read between his lines to get his meaning. You'll see. He's actually a very gentle and kind man. One of the most composed and collected I've ever known.
  9. I'm not impressed with any of them. I use Word.
  10. Jim's ahead of you, like..so far ahead you can barely see him. Post here a couple thousand times more and perhaps you'll get it.
  11. Doesn't look like wind damage. I've squirrels and coons in my backyard everyday but my house has no ridge vents. I haven't seen this before.
  12. I don't think so. Just dirty. Only a lab knows for sure.
  13. Geez. That's a lousy standard. I don't believe I would stay in this profession if I had to follow that.
  14. The body of knowledge needed to perform a decent home inspection is very large. The NHIE is meant to test only for 'entry' requirements and there is study material designed to help you pass it but this study material, if taken alone, may leave you more handicapped as inspector. Anyone can pass the NHIE if you use the NHIE's study materials. Check the NHIE website. You'll find what I described. There is yet a school that teaches the NHIE's study materials. The current flock of HI schools is based on state regulatory requirements and is far inferior to what the NHIE provides. Once yo
  15. Screenshot in dark mode. You can't see any text on a Mac in dark mode because it's white font on white background. Only happens in dark mode.
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