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  1. It seems that if an inspector wants to serves his client as best he can, he's gonna have to tolerate more liability on the job. Fine with me. Is Inspector Pro going to deny me if I apply for coverage next year? No claims in 16 years.
  2. It serves the state legislatures that had to come up with some sort of standard to round out their regulatory chapter but had only one choice on the shelf: ASHI's SOP. I don't mock the SOP. My gripe is that not a single new-born HI regulatory body in this country has yet to 'grab the ball and run with it' by following up with educational and report writing standards. It's by these two standards that the bar is raised. The SOP can't do it. JMHO
  3. Ya know, I wonder: I have an IR attachment to my iphone that I deploy when, and only when, visible conditions suggest a moisture issue. It's for confirmation of the issue. Without that visible evidence, the attachment stays in my truck. So what do you think? Bad practice?
  4. That approach is designed to avoid the situation that would bring the insurance company into the picture in the first place. It's unreasonable to expect an insurance company to adopt such an approach as policy. Having said that, the number of substantial client complaints I've had in over 16 years can be counted on the fingers of one hand. I credit that on satisfying whatever client needs I can reasonably offer, even if it means exceeding the SOP. The SOP, without an educational standard and a mandated writing style to go with it, is a ridiculous standard upon which to base a quality inspection/report. JMHO.
  5. The public members that Ohio stipulates must not have any ties whatsoever with any area of real estate. That's written into the statutes. The Ohio and Louisiana regulatory structures for home inspectors bears no resemblance to Texas'. Mike, It's great that it works in Washington State but it doesn't work here. The governor decides who sits on our Board and he follows a process suggested by the original Board members of 20 years ago. It practically guarantees the status quo in Board member appointments.
  6. Mike has the most well-organized report of any I've ever seen. It's unsurpassed.
  7. What's the current situation regarding Homesafe's patent? Are we supposed to be paying Homesafe to use an IR camera on an inspection?
  8. I'm neither a Star Wars nor van enthusiast, but thanks for thinking of me. 7 hours.
  9. The 'what it is, what does it mean, what to do about it' is just a starting point. Most of my smaller write-ups are exactly like that. On occasion some preparation is needed up front to guide the reader to what we're about to talk about, and that's fine.
  10. Kurt's 'what is it, what does it mean and what to do about it' as a beginning format for writing up issues. Also, the subject word of the first sentence should be the issue itself, EX: The hinges on the front door are missing some screws. NO Several screws are missing from the hinges of the front door. YES
  11. Ohio just enacted a chapter on regulating home inspectors that has 2 public member seats out of 7 total. It's an improvement but a majority of public members seats is needed, otherwise the inspectors have a majority and will simply do whatever they want.
  12. It's a good website. Easy to find your way around. Does the conference rate double if a spouse attends?
  13. An uncoupler should help as long as the differential movement is confined to the horizontal plane.
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