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  1. Marc

    feral lots

    I'd have returned every season to pick the blackberries. They make the best pies.
  2. Now wait just a minute there...Southern Yellow vs Eastern White. Is there a racist subliminal twist going on here? 😁
  3. Ya know, that gets me thinking...could it be that the gauge, that particular type of gauge, has a tendency to behave that way if tested with air instead of water?
  4. Post more pictures if you got em'.
  5. Perhaps not every valve of that type is built the same way.
  6. I dunno...but I do remember my father always telling me I was hard-headed.
  7. It's a curb-appeal fix for poor folks. BTW: I'm in the habit of turning on all lights/ceiling fans at the get go.
  8. Ya know, there's drones for low crawlspaces and for high roofs but none for attics. How long before someone invents one? Not that I like them. They don't fit anywhere in SOPs.
  9. Have you heard anything from Kurt M?
  10. Ok. The 82 1/4 cued me into a pre-hung with an 80" door. 82 1/4 is a common RO for that. My mistake. I'm not sure you're going to like stepping across a high threshold if you add that 1X sill plate.
  11. This the first I've ever heard of an 80 inch RO.
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