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  1. Dishwasher was in the way.
  2. I use mittens when snowboarding. I find my hands stay warmer when they are in "one" pocket. I bet they make mittens with flip tops so you can take a pic when needed.
  3. I installed one in my garage this past summer (el cheapo unit from Amazon) and my instructions did not call for a disconnect inside, nor did I install one. All low voltage from the outside unit control panel. 3 maybe 4 wires if I recall correctly.
  4. I've installed lots of tile floors. More than I care to remember, and I've used 1/4 Hardi on all of them with no failures. Put a screw every 6" in the grid and it works. The last couple I did I was tempted to use the Ditra, but was in a rust and didn't have time to make a mistake and be forced to back up. Check the floor for any bad dips and humps. Be sure to float those out before installing your backer. Those wood grain tiles are long and skinny, and very unforgiving when a dip shows up. You try to span a low spot and the tiles will break.
  5. Under a bath area in a pantry closet. No sound. Anyone have a clue? Click to Enlarge 13.58 KB
  6. Does the igniter glow at all?
  7. Don't leave us hanging John. I too have experienced things that logically can not be explained.
  8. I'd also like to point out I've had them wear out in the knee. Ship em back and they send me a new pair. No hassle. DTC is where its at.
  9. The firehose in the winter, and the fireflex in the summer. 3 pairs each. If I am not hitting the town, I'm wearing them. 7 days a week.
  10. What license would that be? As far as I know that "license" is only internet myth.
  11. Hey Kurt, the first paragraph in your Kick-Out Flashing post says you can't buy them at the store. You can buy them at both Lowe's and HD. Reuben even shows you in his video you linked.
  12. Holy chit is right [:-bigeyes http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/84695768/
  13. Same. The switch lasted, but my thread stripped out from taking the tailcap off so many times. Mailed the light back to Olight in Cali, two weeks later they sent me a whole new light kit.
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