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  1. I've watched rats chew on plastic but squirrels are often the culprit...hence a handy ruger air rifle for my back patio.
  2. Can a bilge pump keep up with a TPR valve that's stuck wide open? - Jim Katen, Oregon Yes.
  3. The report I put in last night had over 50 photos, of which I had to reduce the size of each, and using deluxe residential my report ended up being 6mb. This is avg size for me and most email servers will receive an email this size. I print to cutePDF which is a free program. Guess I'll look into the adobe pro.
  4. Mark, How do you get 3d to convert to a PDF and keep your size to 1MB ? I use 3d, usually have 30 to 40 photos in my reports and even though I reduce the size of my photos before I put them in the report, my finished product in PDF is always 5 to 7 MB's. Also which home form do you use? I use Deluxe Residential and it usually takes me 1 to 1.5 hr to put in a report. I need to take the time to save more canned comments for simple items as I'll probably save 20 mins not having to type everytime, but I just haven't done it yet. I'm also debating upgrading to the new version or switching to Homegauge. Anyone used both and have any pro's or con's on homegauge as compared to 3d? thanks.
  5. It's the hand of the homebuying client that feeds you, not the hand of the agent. Marc You wouldn't know the homebuying client if it weren't for the agent, in most cases. I guess those who advertise in phone books or with billboard ads are also strickened to h*ll for getting there name out illegally?
  6. Nothing wrong with what you did. It's called thanking the hand that feeds you. I see nothing wrong with taking a referral to lunch to thank them for their business. It's called doing business. I'm glad some guys see it just the opposite. Two inspectors visit a RE office on the same day. One thought enough about those he was seeing to take an extra 10 minutes of his time and buy them a pie. You do this at enough offices and I'll guarantee you the guy who went the extra mile will get the business. Its called being nice and thoughtful, not immoral or illegal. sheesh stop whining because some guy did more than you.
  7. Maybe I miscommuicated. This is an enclosed system. When both sides of the glass are shut, the flame is very low and blue, and does not extend up above the logs....however when I opened the glass, the flame rose to what I would call a normal height and turned orange. Is this due to poor air intake? What would you recommend to the homeowner? Their builder says it's working correctly and told them they could install an exterior air vent but they he was not paying for it.
  8. This double sided B vent gas fireplace is burning a low blue flame, but when the glass front is opened the flame rises to a nice high orange flame, so I believe it's getting poor ventilation. The client has had the dealer out and they are saying that's the way it's supposed to burn (low blue), and the builder is at a loss as to how to improve so he added the larger vent pictured below in the attic. 1. Does this vent in the attic appear to be against fire code? 2. What would you recommend as to how to fix the fireplace? All opinions welcome, and thanks!
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