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  1. Hi,does anyone use a ultra violet flashlight to look for rodents or mold? If so what is your flashlight? Thanks for the help it is appreciated. Maurice
  2. What's the best choice between the tramex mrh digital or the pro sm. With thé tramex I could add probes as needed.
  3. Thanks for the objective critic it is very appreciated.
  4. WOW I've been looking for years for something to make my game better. I think I'll order one of those. ) Maurice [:-alien]
  5. Thanks for your opinion.I also have never been a fan of multi-function tools but with the technology evolving as it is I was just wandering...
  6. Hello, I'm new in the buisness of H.I. but have been a remodeler for 30 years.I'm loking to buy a moisture tester and I was hesitating between the SM or the Tramex. But then I saw the EXTECH MO295 and find it interesting any comments anybody? Thank You Maurice
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