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  1. I have a friend who is looking get into the business and needs to find a quality training program in the Chicago area with some hands on training rather then online. Any suggestions?
  2. Thanks for that information, with me being in Illinois I don't think the state requires any type of insurance but I don't think I can afford to be without it either
  3. Being a new inspector what can I expect to pay for insurance? Second question should it be E & O or a liability policy
  4. Kurt Does the Illinois Association even exist? Their website really doesn't give much information. Are you a member of any other organization
  5. From the discussion it sounds like the local chapter is the determining factor. Im also getting the feeling that some don't care for iachi. I'm curious why?
  6. As a new Illinois inspector looking to join an association I would like to hear some pros and cons of ASHI and NAHI. Just looking to make an informed decision.
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