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  1. I guess that makes sense since natural gas is a lower pressure gas than LP...wonder what the converting cost is though. Anyway...it was awesome to see such a old water heater in great shape:)
  2. I came over a Ruud 30 gal LP gas water heater from 1957. The water heater was fed with natural gas. I know it is possible to convert a LP water heater so it can be used with natural gas, but wouldn't that be more expensive than buying a new one? And how can you tell if it have been converted or not?
  3. Came over an interesting issue in a garage the other day: This picture shows ice on the overhead garage door. To the left you can see there is ice on the sheet rock as well. Click to Enlarge 43.77 KB There is ice on the garage ceiling. Looks like water drops. Click to Enlarge 27.29 KB This one is from the attic above the garage, and there is ice under the vapor barrier. Click to Enlarge 38.03 KB
  4. I gave them my quote about a week ago and haven't heard anything since. It would be interesting to hear what kind of flat fee others would have charged for the county the are living in. The inspection goes like this: 1. Visually verify that materials(usually mold) scheduled for removal have been removed. 2. Visually verify that surfaces that are scheduled for disinfection have been cleaned 3. Photograph each work area 4. Moisture testing in each work area 5. Collection of surface swabs from representative surfaces – we would provide the swabs and perform analysis. Each inspection usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes. The rate on my quote was like this: $0.40 for mileage, $30/hour for travel time, $30 for paperwork, $5 for shipping samples and $100 each inspection. Would you guys go higher or lower?
  5. I told them that with all respect, this is the lowest fee I have ever seen for any kind of inspection, and they would have to at least double their fee to to make any professional inspector interested. Still nobody would probably go for it. I have also been asked to do give a quote for different counties to Indoor Environment Group. They seem allot more serious. Please let me know if anyone has any experience with them.
  6. I got an email the other day from a company called Hooks Van Holm, INC. This company located in 4 different states(Alabama, Mississippi, Delaware, and Pennsylvania) asked me if I could do inspection in North Dakota/Minnesota. They wanted me to inspect homes ready for sale, making sure they are hazard free and clean. The expected time frame for each inspection is 15 minutes, and general liability insurance, digital camera, computer and internet access, skills in uploading and emailing documentation is required. Here comes the best part; the flat fee they are offering is $20.00 each inspection included travel time, gas mileage, paperwork and so on. I'm just wondering if anyone else have heard about this [:-monkeyd show?? $20? That's just rude!
  7. When Service magic called me and offered their service, I told them it was too expensive to to pay the sign up fee, which was about $200 I think. Then they said they could sign me up for free, which they did. Of course I haven't got any leads yet, but their search engine rank is usually on the first page, so its not that bad for me after all. I don't mind paying $12 or $18 for a lead and free advertising.
  8. Around 35 from what I know[:-tong2] How about South Dakota or Minnesota? There got to be something going on up here?
  9. Does anyone by any chance know if there is any seminars about updates and continuing education in North Dakota?
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