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  1. Marc, Not sure, send AC a message and he will be more than happy to answer that for you. I am planning on using his system as well. Kim R
  2. Marc, If you do not use chlorine for cleaning, what method are you leaning to? I think the best way to get to the bottom of this topic is to find a roof with moderate to heavy stains, do a before and after soft wash cleaning inspection.( 10-15 yr old roof , not a 25 yr for obvious reasons ) I have seen the difference and it might be best if as inspectors you could witness it first hand, if you have not done so already. Take Care, Kim R
  3. Here are some samples of 10 year old shingles that have been cleaned, what is your take on if there is granule loss? One question, have you ever inspected a roof before and after a non-pressure cleaning? Click to Enlarge 210.54 KB Click to Enlarge 86.49 KB Click to Enlarge 73.79 KB Click to Enlarge 52.91 KB Click to Enlarge 105.8 KB
  4. Kurt, Thanks for the words and I really look forward to learning more than posting, you guys really do have some great info here. I just wish I had more hours in the day. Thanks to all of you for the insight and hope you all have a great holiday! Take Care, Kim R
  5. Removed during the process NO, Killed, YES, The term bleach means to whiten or lighten, or make translucent, Yes "translucent" but KILLED to decompose. I live In Parrish, Fl. my neighborhood has an age of 5-7 years, "Algae" prevalent for the last two years depending on the orientation of the home. Some worse than others, some homes appearing on the all roof ridgecap only. Using quality methods in FL. approx. 7-8 years or more. BOTH Brandon, Hope this one is better if not let me know what more details you need. Take Care, Kim R
  6. Jim and other forum members, I apologize if you felt that I came here to stuff your forum with nonsense or links. My only intention was to be able to work with your organization and share some information I have, as well as to learn from your experiences. I am sure that many of you see a lot of things that homeowners will never see, as many will never step foot on their roof. Your experiences will allow us to educate the public in an unbiased manner. What the return is for your profession is to be able to understand any options that are available when you are consulting on an inspection. As far as my conversation with Mike, I never really understood what position he has been dealing with in WA., I do now, after researching roof cleaners in his area, and that is only a fraction of the U.S.. Many of these guys are ruining the roofs and the consumer's are being scammed and ripped off. That to me and our forum is unacceptable. I would welcome any of you to visit our forum if you would like to see where our integrity is at. The members are very dedicated to the work and workmanship they do. Jim if you have an opportunity, spend an hour over on our site. If you feel there is a potential benefit for your industry great, as we would like to add input from your profession as to the damages you have seen as an inspector. As well as your knowledge of the exterior possibly contaminating the interior through roof,gable,soffit or ridge vents. Jim your apology is accepted and appreciated. I think there is a lot that can be learned from various points of view, and am looking forward to learning more of what this forum has to offer. Sincerely, Kim R
  7. Ok, networking then. Link droppers, at least, have the virtue of writing short posts. I'm not looking for someone with a PhD, but I don't like wasting my time reading nonsense either. ( you could have moved on there is plenty of other stuff here to read) Brandon ( key word here Brandon ) asked clear questions. You responded with nonsense (.Once again your opinion Jim)( "Well I do not think that is for you to decide how Brandon thinks or do you have the habit of telling people how to think or what to think" ) That has nothing to do with PhDs, your marital status, your gender, your experience in the roofing industry, or your display of roofing terminology. It has to do with your inability to directly address questions that reach to the heart of this discussion. ( Once again Jim that is your opinion pressed towards others, than you must truly be the expert here- if you do not have the right answer than how do you know that mine were the wrong answer) He didn't ask scientific questions. His questions have to do with your experience as a roof cleaner. They're the sort of questions any prospective client might ask. Yet instead of simply answering the questions (including addressing the variables, if necessary (way too many) you talked about stuff that had nothing to do with the questions. Your answers remind me of the way used car salesmen respond to questions. (And your responses remind me of a person who contributes nothing more than cynical commentary to whom ever listens to you. ) He didn't ask scientific answers, (which means what? What you were really asking for Jim was for me to offer a precise spoon fed answer. As if that would actually have changed your snide dialog) I don't know the answers. If someone asked me, that's what I'd say. But then, I'm not in the business of roof cleaning. I'm in the business of answering questions honestly.(You didn't answer the question Jim. Well then you must be inept.) Oh, for Gawd's sake, cut the passive aggressive crap, it's embarrassing. ("there you are telling me to be embarrassed" ) If you have something meaningful to contribute, go for it. I'd like to learn from you. But if all you've got is "pressure washing is baaaad," then you're contributing nothing new to the conversation. - Jim Katen, Oregon Jim for Gawds sake then why are you responding, is it that you troll through the boards, in a grand attempt to embarrass any one that strikes you the wrong way. Really Jim, I think you insult Brandon's intelligence by speaking for him, do you do this in all topics, tell people what is garbage or not. And I will assume that you have labeled my statements as passive aggressive, then you must have taken PSY 101. So I guess then the point is to never speak until your an expert. If education was done your way, well Jim the world would be full of "Jim's" And as far as not contributing nothing new to the conversation you sir have filled the topic with hot air and meaningless fluff more than I at this point. Jim you have a great life and I am really glad your in Oregon[]
  8. Marc, Thank you and yes there is a lot to learn, as learning is a never ending process. We do work constantly on the process, as well as any science we can find to understand this issue. Please come visit and check it out as some of you may choose to add this on to the current services you may offer. We are an extremely welcoming bunch who truly want to educate as many who are willing to learn. I would really like to know if this "Algae etc." has ever made it's way inside from an inspectors point of view. Take Care, Kim R
  9. Sodium hypochlorite *is* bleach. And you didn't answer the question. You didn't answer the question. And Jim the Variables ARE??? Hmm. many. You didn't answer the question. Again variables involved? That link has nothing to do with the question. Lots of words, but nothing addressing the simple question that was asked. Aside from your laudable aversion to pressure washing, I've heard nothing from you that indicates you have any specialized or complete understanding of roofing at all. You write lots of words, but most of them make no sense. And, so far, you haven't contributed anything meaningful to this thread that hadn't already been amply expressed by others. As far as I can see you're about a half step above the link droppers that occasionally pepper this site. - Jim Katen, Oregon Well Jim thanks for the warming welcome, and link dropping?. I could have put more links in here than I did if I was link dropping, No not link dropping. Networking maybe the better title. But if none of this makes any sense to you well I am really sorry, as no I do not have a PhD, nor am I technically a roofer, my husband is. (yes I am female) But in co-running a roofing company for over 27 years, I would not say I am illiterate either. ( butt & run the shingles ( re-roof), pyramiding the valley, gables, mansards, drip,counter flashing etc. ) terms I am familiar with. Do I have exact scientific answers to these questions asked, no?, and if anyone else did then why have they not been answered as of yet. Why don't you take a shot at the answers, as you seem pretty savvy. Do you have an explanation the questions I was asked, if you do please tell. If my being here is a bother, well that is simple, I can disappear. I am not gaining that much from being here. But hey it is all good. Take Care Jim. Mike for you I have a guy in your area if you would like, pm if you prefer, as I do not want to link drop in your forum. Kim R
  10. Wow Mike , I feel for you, I just googled roof cleaners in Kenmore Washington, all I can say is WOW!, there are guys ruining roofs and totally getting away with it. That has got to change, let me work on this at RCIA and see if we can drum up a few guys to get some alternatives for Washington or who ever sles might be dealing with this in there area. This will be the topic for the week over on our end. Take Care, Kim R
  11. Homeowner? Hell, around here, that's how a most of these "professional" roof cleaners leave the roofs. You should see what they do to expensive shake roofs. ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike Mike Those guys that do that ahh, ya have no place on a roof, EVER! Lazy ignorant hacks! That needs to change, the people in your area and other areas need to know that do not have to settle for less and there is a better choice. One that does not damage a good roofing system. As far as cedar shakes that is a whole nother ball game and are way more vulnerable to improper cleaning methods. To clean Cedar roofs or any other wood surface is an art, not just anyone should do this. Mike if you would like I can see if there are a few more guys that are in your area? Take care, Kim
  12. How can you move a liquid from one place to another using "absolutely no pressure" ??? I'm guessing, er hoping, that Kim means "absolutely no pressure ". No, no pressure washer ever! we use a pump delivery system that moves the water(chems ) equivalent to a garden hose.It is called a soft wash. Here are some before & afters. Click to Enlarge 36.54 KB Click to Enlarge 45.12 KB And here is some homeowners idea of roof cleaning[:-censore Click to Enlarge 106.1 KB Hope this help to understand the cleaning process and the big difference between the two. Take Care, Kim
  13. Shuck the machine get a roof pump with a tank and some chems. There are many ways to apply chemicals to the roof, high tech and low tech cheaper ways , but they ALL use absolutely no pressure. If this is an avenue you choose please read through the threads as there are other things you need to know before you have at it. Hope this helps, Kim R Check this out as a starter package: Roof cleaning set-up
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