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  1. That's a great price for that. I have seen some old units, 20's and 30's restored for more than that. Some with 6 burners and double ovens for up to 12K.
  2. I'm planning a kitchen reno on my 1883 Victorian farmhouse. I'm looking at ranges, propane fueled and want any feedback on Elmira's reliability. http://www.elmirastoveworks.com/ The alternative is an original stove updated. Any input in that direction also much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Likewise.Getting into the spirit even though it's almost 60 degrees and raining here in west central NJ.
  4. He's using the plumber's old cutouts.
  5. I hope he's in a better place. Condolences to all family and friends.
  6. I believe Kurt is correct. The tenent said that the upper t.stat was for the AC and the lower for the Heat. I told them it's wrong.
  7. At a town house today with a 2013 Lennox cat I furnace with a/c on top. 2013 Lennox comp/cond. Two thermostats, one on the third floor, one on the second floor. I turn on the a/c on the third floor, get cold air on all three floors. While that's running I turn on the heat on the second floor thermostat, furnace lights up. No zone dampers, only one unit. I run outside and the comp/cond is running at the same time the burner is firing. Looks like multiple thermostat wires to the board. If one thermo. is hooked to the a/c and the other to the furnace can both run at one time? First time for me. I turned off both thermostats as that's where they were when I started.
  8. Treat for the termites first. I have four sisters, and four brothers, that's too many.
  9. I keep a TIF at the bottom of my tool bag, the state of NJ requires such. I should check the batteries. If it smells...., you know the rest.
  10. I did some homework. Two things that are needed: A trap & an air break. My feeling is that a check valve only needs a bad gasket and it's methane city.
  11. Can a wash. mach. drain be directly connected to a waste line with only a check valve, mounted horizontally, no trap. Here's what the owner's plumber states: Looking at the picture of the washing machine drain connection you sent reminds us of your washing machine set up. Your drain connection is acceptable and was common in older homes where the piping conditions prevented the installation of a stand pipe. No trap is needed because the drain hose is connected directly to the drain piping of the house and no sewer gases can escape. There is a check valve on the drain connection and the check valve prevents water from backing up into the washing machine. The washing machine has been connected in this manner for many years and works fine. No repair or re-piping is needed. Thanks, Chris
  12. So is my old neighbor. When I was looking for someone to yank my tank I first called the original abatement company that had filled the tank in 2000. He warned that it is possible that now the gravel inside the tank could be considered hazardous if it absorbed any oil residue that may have remained in the tank after he cleaned it. I had also talked to the head of the building dept. in town and he told me I would need no permits to remove the tank as it was signed off on thirteen years earlier. His words- You wouldn't need a permit to throw away and old wheelbarrow you found in your backyard. It's the same thing,scrap. My feeling, again, if I had a sign off from a licensed contractor for tank removal I was good in the eyes of a buyer, or their attorney. Around here I have had plenty of clients who won't even have the realtor slow down in front of a house with a UST in the ground, properly abandoned in ground or not. Better to face the music when time is on one's side than wait until you have a panicked buyer. On the attorney subject, I did once have a buyer who had knowledge of a tank that had been removed with all of the paperwork showing it was gone and all done properly. His attorney told him that he should do his own tank sweep in case there was another one somewhere on the property.
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