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  1. The soil was sand and just a little rock. the home was built in 1970. It is a 3 bed room ranch style home. The uplift station and all cracks are sealed. There is one drain 4 or 5 feet from the suction point that goes into the uplift station. There is also a pipe the goes from the uplift station to an area by the furnace and water softener. It has 2 hoses coming from it. One is for the water softener and the other is just open laying on the ground. They sealed the drain and plugged the hose.
  2. The house is over the basement. There is no crawl space. The mitigation system is the corner of the basement. The mitigation consists of a sub slab depressurization . The second test was 48 hours after the installation of the mitigation system.
  3. what if you dont have the time to wait. we close in nov.
  4. but if it starts at 6.7 and it does not go down much i would like to know why. it should be down at least to .5
  5. I installed a radon system in a ranch style home and the result was over the 4.0 limit. The manometer has a reading of 1.2 It does have an uplift station for water from a sink. Could the sink short circuit the system. It also has a lower level fire place. Not sure if this could be a problem. I will be doing diagnostic on the house tomorrow. Any extra input would help.
  6. Just to let everyone know that the end result was a bad fan. Go figure. Thanks for everyone’s help.
  7. The fan is running. Everything that I can see is sealed correctly. I have heard that a low reading on the manometer can mean a blockage above the fan. I will check that and maybe replace the fan. Thanks for your input.
  8. After installation of the Radon Reduction System and upon activation of the system the manometer had a good strong reading and then it went to just off zero. There is pea gravel underneath the slab. I have been told two things on this. One is that if you have really good air movement it might not show a good reading. This is rare but it does happen. The second was that if there is no reading then you have no suction. Does anyone have any insight to this problem.
  9. Hello , I was mistaken it is not a beaver system it is a badger system. It has the perforated pipe to catch the water.
  10. Hello, Can anyone tell me the complications I might run into putting a Radon Mitigation system in a home with a beaver drain system? It runs along the outside walls of the home.
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