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  1. You'll be seeing more of it in the future. The 2nd white wire has a red stripe, just to keep things straight. I started seeing it about 10 years ago, when AFCIs really started to take off and when the requirement to run a neutral to every switch kicked in. It's very expensive stuff, but it saves on labor.
  2. And while they're answering the door, set their phone's text tone to a doorbell. . .
  3. White propane residue should not be getting into the household air at all. If it is, that's a serious problem. You can have 10 HVAC men look at it and if they're crappy HVAC men they won't find anything. Find a good HVAC man and challenge him to chase down the problem until it's solved.
  4. . . . while wielding metaphors like a pro. . .
  5. That's a lot of problems for an 8-year old water heater. These things often run 15 years with no problems. Bad gas valves just happen sometimes. The expansion tank was probably not properly pre-pressurized. Corroded pipes and a rusted pan are signs of a larger problem. I'd want to know why they're in such bad shape after so little time in service before I started fixing things.
  6. What happened the third and fourth times?
  7. I find it interesting that this old discussion should come up again given that the "hottest" new siding these days is burnt wood. http://charredwood.com/history-of-shou-sugi-ban-charred-wood-treatment/
  8. I've had lots of customers who didn't attend the inspection and several who have never even seen the house. All of them provided me with a signed contract well in advance of the inspection. *Anyone* buying a house has already had to sign several documents before even calling for an inspection. They can manage to sign an inspection agreement as well.
  9. Thanks for the article, Stephanie. I've got to admit, though, that I'm kind of stunned that this kind of discussion is still going on in 2019. I can't even imagine running a home inspection business in the 21st century where I would not have an inspection agreement signed in advance. Who the heck are all of these inspectors who don't get this? Are they the same ones who are writing their reports on carbon paper?
  10. The only ASTM standard that I'm aware of is "ASTM C1173 Standard Specification for Flexible Transition Couplings for Underground Piping Systems" That standard recognizes couplings with and without the stainless steel shear rings. I'm not aware of any code or standard that requires the rings. Certainly, in Oregon, the coupling in the original post photo would be considered correct for underground work. If a coupling like that fails underground it's because the pipes weren't properly supported in the trench. (Somebody over-excavated his trench and tried to support the pipe with fill.) To me this is a clear-cut installation error, not a product failure.
  11. Start by replacing the thermocouple. That's why the pilot won't stay lit. If the house heat is working normally but the shower water gets cold too fast, it's probably a bad dip tube.
  12. I doubt that would be a problem over 2-3 weeks.
  13. Why bother turning it down or off? What are you saving, $4-$5?
  14. To what will these panels be affixed?
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