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  1. Jim Katen

    I triple dog dare ya...

    I don't understand. You live in a rented home. Is the owner having this work done or are you having the work done? You say it's "family owned." Does that mean that *a* family owns it or does *your* family own it? Why are you taking apart work in a house that you don't own? Please explain what's actually happening here.
  2. Jim Katen

    HI Artography - Foil Wallpaper

    I need a Dramamine.
  3. Jim Katen

    Furnace Plug/Knockout Required?

    Was it located in a conditioned space? If it's in an unconditioned space, I'd seal the open unused plug (and the condensate line cleanout opening). Otherwise, I wouldn't care. Was it set up as direct vent or non-direct vent? If it's a direct vent setup, I'd seal the unused openings at the burner compartment because only outdoor air is supposed to be there. In a non-direct vent setup, I wouldn't bother.
  4. Jim Katen

    Sistering Floor joists is this ok??

    It ain't goin' nowhere.
  5. Jim Katen

    This ladder still OK?

    One of the problems with that much wear in the joint is that the fully extended ladder wants to rock back & forth across its range of movement. Several years ago, someone posted a video of a guy who fell for exactly that reason. He had the ladder sticking up several feet above the edge of the roof and as he climbed it, he pushed forward on the top of the ladder, which caused the top to rock forward, the middle to rock out, and the bottom to pop out from under him.
  6. Jim Katen

    This ladder still OK?

    They don't carry the 13-footer, which is my favorite length. They also don't take online orders. For now, I'm fine with my Werners. But if I ever need another, I'll definitely give them a call. Look at the gal in the picture again. She's using it in an unequal step ladder mode.
  7. Jim Katen

    This ladder still OK?

    As far as I know, we can't buy Jaws ladders south of the border. I'd have to drive up to BC to pick one up.
  8. Jim Katen

    This ladder still OK?

    I've never owned a Little Giant, but neither of my Werners hyperextends like that. I'd stress test it and see whether or not that center joint is moving.
  9. Jim Katen

    Common Wire Connection at Furnace

    Did you remove the metal panel that covers the electrical compartment? It's usually held in place by two or three hex-head screws. You might find a schematic pasted to the back of that cover.
  10. Jim Katen

    Common Wire Connection at Furnace

    Rebecca, It's going to be tricky to figure out. You're also going to want to install the green wire to get control of the blower. Take a picture of the schematic and post it here. You'll find the schematic pasted to the back of the furnace door.
  11. Jim Katen

    Pier and beam offset

    The house was built by morons. If the parts that you can see look like this, imagine what's going on in the parts that you can't see. Find another house. And while you're at it, find another inspector - one who's not illiterate.
  12. Jim Katen

    This is COOL

    I don't see why they'd be bound to leak more than any other openable Velux skylight. Velux products are usually pretty good in that regard. I suspect that you couldn't build a dormer for anything close to the cost of one of these.
  13. Jim Katen

    This is COOL

    Any idea why we don't see them more often? (or at all)
  14. Jim Katen

    This is COOL

    That's brilliant and for about 4K a cheap little balcony. Leave it to Velux.
  15. Jim Katen

    Roof Part Name?