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  1. If your system is compatible, it's possible to update a Windows 7 machine to Windows 10, but it's not free: https://www.buymicrosoftwindows.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjw0On8BRAgEiwAincsHPIBIq2rUbDcjKndvptbCJ_hYkHuBlgaJwJIfHrPcPZdCFXQF73nLRoCZsoQAvD_BwE
  2. Even given Georgia's plumbing code, it looks like the original plumber went to a lot of trouble to get this wrong. For a short time in the '90s (I think it was one code cycle) Oregon used to allow something similar. You could run the discharge line uphill if you drilled a 3/32" hole in the lowest point of the "trap." This was one of those rules that stuck in peoples minds, like GFCIs within 6' of a sink, for decades after the rule was gone. It seems like everyone still thinks that this is allowed. I just tell people to run the discharge straight down into a pan. If they're worried
  3. You don't have 24 filaments. That's a 20 kw furnace. It has 4 filaments in two sections. The section that you're holding in your hand in the picture is a 10 kw module with two 5kw filaments. I think that I can see a break in the upper filament. What about this Goodman/Amana module: https://controlscentral.com/tabid/63/ProductID/682253/goodman-amana-parts-bt1420034-10kw-heat-element-kit.aspx?gclid=Cj0KCQjw28T8BRDbARIsAEOMBcyrvft4o9OmPGYv7_54WN4vZL0_zAcSLWwXD2xOYq00DV8MSeOunR4aAvaUEALw_wcB It looks very similar, just check with the seller to be sure that the dimensions will be the sam
  4. What's the part number? Kw rating? Physical size? You might give Vinje a call: http://www.doityourselfheating.net/
  5. There's no need for anyone here to apologize to me. I welcome all feedback, especially when I slip over onto the assaholic side of my personality. So thanks for the reminder. I'll try to behave. ArVandelay24, if you haven't left in disgust, please accept my apology for the sarcastic and unhelpful comments. Perhaps it would help if you were to not think of mold as a problem. Instead, think of it as a symptom. Mold in a house is *always* and without exception, a symptom of a water problem. If your house was thoroughly clean before you left on vacation, then this mold is also a sympto
  6. Each message that you write is a "post." That's how the internet works. So you're saying that the first pictures that you posted on this thread are what you came back to after returning from vacation and that before the vacation, your house was spotless. How long was your vacation? 10 years?
  7. It doesn't look like wind damage to me either. On the other hand, squirrels are not particularly muscular. They don't do damage like that; they chew stuff. If a raccoon wanted to get into your roof via the ridge vent, there'd be no more ridge vent left. My best guess is that the raccoon is just bored.
  8. This is your 5th post. It says so right under your avatar. You submitted your 1st post on September 30th; it's at the top of this thread and contains 5 pictures. Eleven days later, you said that you went on vacation and came back to find a thick black layer everywhere.
  9. Given the pictures in your first post, forgive me if I doubt that your apartment was "spotless" when you left. While you were gone, what temperature did you leave the thermostat on?
  10. Is there a full time operator (the guy in the polyester pants?) or does everyone operate it for themselves?
  11. Yes. It's really nasty when they're metal doors. One touch and you're burned.
  12. Actually, I suspect that none of this is worth your time. A 21 year old with no experience in the trades, no experience running a past business, and without a full-time mentor for several years cannot become a successful home inspector. It's just not going to happen. If your lack of technical knowledge doesn't get you sued into oblivion, your lack of business acumen will result in a failed business within a few years. My revised best advice: Cut your losses and forget about home inspections. At your age, you should find the thing in life that you enjoy doing more than anything else
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