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  1. If this is a service entrance conductor that's carrying the entire load of the service and if there are no derating issues at play, then you only need to size the wire at 83% of the load. In effect, a 100-amp service only needs to have 83-amp service entrance wires. That makes #2 AL THW a perfectly valid choice.
  2. Perhaps. Or maybe the manufacturer was putting together a furnace with an ECM motor and they just slapped on the wrong shroud one day - or maybe the cap had already been installed on a shroud and someone forgot to take it off.
  3. Really? I've seen many - or perhaps the capacitors were hidden.
  4. Sorry. I just added the picture.
  5. Found in the attic of a 1922 house. I've seen lots of old bundles of shingles in the corners of basements, garages, & crawlspaces, but I've never seen asphalt shingles packed in cedar crates. Even the oldest were wrapped in Kraft paper or something similar. Maybe I've just led a sheltered life.
  6. One of my partners snapped this picture of an unconnected capacitor in a 2013 furnace. My best guess is that the manufacturer uses one shroud for both its cap blowers and its non-cap blowers. Any other insights?
  7. I doubt that you'll ever hear from her or about her again. That kind of behavior doesn't tend to result in a successful career in the world of real estate.
  8. I'd explain it to the listing agent exactly as you did to us. I'd decline to pay for it and go about my business. If they're serious, they'll follow up but in my experience, they never do.
  9. A whole new circuit is a great way to go, especially if you're not paying someone else to do it.
  10. Depends on your local codes. If the building is only two stories, it might not be a problem. Call the local AHJ to find out for sure.
  11. Wait for him to build up enough useless comments, then he'll insert a link in his signature. . .
  12. I think you mean 6 awg and 8 awg. (Or #6 and #8 for old-school types.) 6/0 would be huge. Yes, it'd be fine to extend the #6 aluminum circuit with #8 copper, just be sure to use the proper connectors. I'd use split bolts, which are listed for aluminum and copper in combination. Be sure to properly insulate them - doing this properly requires three different kinds of tape and a little skill. Here's a great video:
  13. Thanks. I appreciate the followup. I'll bet that your post will help a lot of people who want to attempt a re-string but lack confidence.
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