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  1. Thanks for the info, I will download it and save it on my system to have as a record. I have lots of info written down about this so far, and am keeping names and dates of people I talk to. We bought this place about 4 or 5 yrs ago so I didnt know anything about the bad siding claims, I talked to the original owners and they knew nothing either they say. So that is why we didnt do A claim earlier. And yes XP is a lot better isnt it? I hate working on systems with 98 now, they seem weird [:-banghead]
  2. Do you guys think there is strength in numbers on this? I was just out for a walk and there is a place worse than mine down the road.
  3. ahhhh found it thanks.
  4. Ok this may sound stupid but what the hell does that big word mean?? And yes they just sent me the papers the other day.
  5. Yea I know thanks Konrad, but I am going for warranty. I didnt know about the claim till just recently. About 2 weeks ago or something.
  6. Thanks for the fax, but I was reading the warranty papers and it says right on them and I quote "no deduction is being taken for any damage caused by improper installation or maintenance." Now to me that reads like it doesnt matter what you do with the stuff, I can scan the page and post it if someone wants.
  7. Thanks Chad I think he forgot something there, but hopefully he will repost it.
  8. hausdok Where can I get a copy of the installation instructions, I look and cant seem to find any on the internet, I am sure they are there somewhere. Maybe I am going after the wrong company??
  9. Right now I am going after the warranty end from Lp, but how or can I get anything from the manufacturer if it comes to that?? This stuff has been painted, you can see a few spots where they missed (near the gutters etc.) Here is a sapmle. Download Attachment: Side of trailer 1.jpg 287 KB
  10. So you are saying that I should be happy to get anything from these guys, even know it was their faulty product?? And that if any more damage has been done (studs etc) that I should just live with it and dish out thousands of dollars possibly to fix it?? Thats the problem with these big companies they think they can push us little guys arround!!!!!
  11. I am new here and trying to figure out where to go from here, I have a 93 mobile home with that LP Inner seal siding. It is Rotting away all arround the place. Now I have gotten the warranty papers but they tell me they will only cover PART of the cost to fix their faulty product. I do believe it is something like 32% they will cover. All of this junk has to come off and maybe some studs replaced (which they say is my responsibility, NOT theirs) I have found a bunch of info out on the internetand have gotten a few quotes to replace this siding. I will get them tomorrow, but we are talking thousands of dollars to fix this. I dont see why I should be out any money to fix something that is their fault ( I know about the class action suit in the states, but I am in Canada) can anyone offer any advice on this matter?? Thanks a lot.
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