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  1. Me too! At the end, what I want to say is that I meant no disrespect to anyone, even for a moment.
  2. Get off the PC then. Argumentative? 1st reason why I wouldn't want to work for you. [:-thumbu] There is no smiley for applause. I know someone who works for GM with a bunch of union workers. He will enjoy your take on this.
  3. Unlikely, I now have to deal with the real estate agents. [:-party] Some of you are like Russell Crowe playing John Nash (a teenage John Nash) in the amazing movie, A Beautiful Mind. I hope this interesting thread does not get deleted.
  4. Here my take: People are different. Home inspectors are different, some are good home inspectors but bad businessmen, some are the other way around. Some HI's are stuck up (like a removable or unremovable blockage in a sewer pipe), and some are not. I would rather work with a HI like Charlie or Marc. Simply put, they have the aptitude, patience and the openness to educate a customer who demands good work. Like Marc rightly indicates, I am flexible and easy to convince with a rational argument. I do not have the patience to deal with folks with the attitude of teenagers whatever their skill level might be. I am in a profession that is a part and parcel of homes. Before I posted here, I had made a fairly detailed inspection (in my opinion) of the home that I will make an offer on; having spent many hours reading books and watching a DVD. I have found a maintenance supervisor and a HI who will gladly pre-qualify the home before I sign the purchase agreement. I will have to spend a couple of hundred dollars for this work and I believe that it will help me make an offer with confidence.
  5. Well, I'm surprised. We agree on almost everything, but not on this. First, how do you "pre-qualify" someone that comes in asking for tips and pointers about "what to look for"? They don't know what to look for, and you're going to tell them? Second, how can anyone know anything over the phone? You're going to start telling them about a roof or furnace you haven't seen.....(?).....You're going to advise them on items you have no basis for commenting on....(?)..... Third, the guy is a ball buster. He comes in, asks some questions, a few guys that I know are real smart try to talk to him, and he starts busting their balls. Fourth, he holds out a carrot that if you play his game, he'll write a pretty story about you. mmmmmmmm......uh huh........ Charley, you know better. Les had it as good as anyone. I get this stuff on the other end of my phone, I suddenly get real busy. Be glad that you are self employed as a home inspector, assuming that you are one. You wouldn't survive a day in the corporate world with this kind of mindset.
  6. Thank you. Thanks for not following the crowd.
  7. You couldn't be more wrong. I have the max respect for people who are good.
  8. I think you have correctly identified and more importantly put in words (prequalify a house) what I am trying to do. Thank you Charlie. I am not here to ruffle anybody's feathers here. Let me give an example. I hired a mover sometime back after doing my research. He did a good job. I offered to write and publish a review of his work. It worked good well for both of us.
  9. Kurt, you may be right; its better than underthinking or not thinking at all.
  10. Nope, That's not the way it works. If you want to be a Mike Holmes, you have to first allow the deal to go through. Then, once the transaction has closed, you get to tear open walls and ceilings, which the home inspector hadn't been able to see behind because he didn't have X-ray vision, and then you get to loudly go around telling everyone what the home inspector missed. ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike The issue for the consumer is that they have to do their due diligence because any dumbo can take a course, get some experience, pass an exam and exam and claim to a home inspector, legitimately. In Ohio, HI's are not even regulated by the state.
  11. It'll definitely add years to your life. [:-graduat Yes, indeed.
  12. Really I apologize for hurting your fee lings.
  13. Thank you Terry. Best of good luck to you too.
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