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  1. My intent from the beginning is for your company, Mr. Wagoner, to admit and recognize poor customer relations and a gross failure in your operations. My email sent as an initial reply indicated a pleasant offering to discuss the matter. Additionally, I find you still asking to leverage those in this forum to do what many years ago your company should have already done, be sure you instructed your agents according to best business practices compliant with EPA protocol. Every single point I made you have confirmed, both in your email to me and your post here. My full intent you have colored
  2. Hey Marc. Yes, that is correct. It applies to the Free Radon Report it is obviously part of that provides good information about radon should you need it. Fill it out and see how it works if you like. For others asking about forms, I will make available a download link next week for everyone. You guys are right to be tough and expect facts and so I have decided to deliver as requested by several here. Busy now but will try and send pics of forms to those requesting by email prior to next week. Just register for the free report area I was asked about and I am happy to email pics of forms.
  3. So does he pay you or what? Is your sense of smell bothered at all? I tried to protect all of you who do radon testing for them and even let them know they should look at their operations too to help protect them. And the thanks I get is being accused of stating the facts in such manner that displeased so many of you here. Thanks to those who reserved their judgement. To those who know it all in life, best wishes. I don't want business from any entity so shortsighted as not to care what the real facts are, much less the EPA protocols around which they base their business. If an apology is du
  4. I believe in full disclosure too. The individuals named in my original post are a part of the facts not an attack. Your post Mr. Wagner and one other on here may be considered a threat to me. Is that how you meant it? Also, if you want to discuss a consultant fee to straighten out your own operations because you appear you need it and recognize there are problems with it we can do so. But be advised not to attempt threatening statements or actions against anyone, especially me. I made no attack on anyone. Your personnel (Name removed by moderator.) stated there was no rush to get the rado
  5. Jim, I tried to email you from the forum, but evidently it did not work. It is unfortunate that the forum has turned into an apparent attack on your original post. With that said, I feel that your post was primed for harsh criticism as it was harsh in its delivery. I respect the freedom to express your opinion and appreciate constructive criticism, but questioning the integrity of members of my staff and my company overall from 1 questionable experience is completely inappropriate on a public forum like this. Although my staff is not perfect as we work in a less than perfect business with
  6. I owe no man an apology and offer none. I delivered documented facts from my experience when his company contacted me. I responded a moment ago to comments about credibility from an editor of this forum which are not showing prior to my attempt to post here. It takes two to argue and frankly because my position is not stated in a manner that satifies your versions of peace, that is your concern. My previous post which I did not see ... I may have failed to hit submit button properly. Why do you contend so, as if I need your permission to have credibility. Be at peace. Download the EPA
  7. Thank you all for your interesting remarks. I expect past Presidents of this great country have been accused as I have of "writing like a pompous windbag". So be it. I find here thus far many of the strengths that make this country strong, even among some views I clearly disagree with. I also believe life is not about winning or loosing my friends, but about truth and virtue tempered by love. We each speak, or write from where we are now arrived in our own lives. Our "viewpoint of experience", as it is. Mine happens to encompass what I believe to be a truth of "to cease from strife is honor."
  8. Hello all. Those judgmental and otherwise. I did state the facts. The most professional response received from RAL was in this forum's comments. I am happy to discuss the facts. Both here and "offline" via email with RAL. I also am interested to see diggs sent at me here by some who (by their comments sniper style) appear to be doing to me exactly what they accuse me of when they have no facts regarding this situation to support suggesting removing anyone from a forum while they talk of knifing someone in the back. Juvenile as I believe these comments to be, they sure appeared to be a dig at m
  9. EXTREMELY BAD EXPERIENCE here. (Name removed by moderator.) account rep sent RAL Field Forms for radon. They had items on them that were not EPA protocol and other items that were not appropriate for Certified Radon Measurement Personnel. Very dissapointing first impression of this company. Non-professional in their activities, their forms and their actions in my opinion. Relocation companies and corporate level accounts should take another look instead of assuming these folks are compliant with EPA regulations so they don't end up loosing a lawsuit, since RAL has this great disclaimer
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