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Found 2 results

  1. Hi TIJ readers, Every few months or so, we try to share a story from our pre-claim and claim archives. By choosing cases representative of the allegations coming in, we hope to help you manage your own business' risk against similar complaints. Enjoy! Stephanie With A Little Help From My Friends: A Home Inspection Insurance Pre-Claim The following is a real home inspection insurance pre-claim from our insurance claim archives. In order to protect the insured's identity, all identifiable characteristics—including names, associations, and locations—have been omitted or removed. A year after their inspection, a client began to perform renovations to their recently purchased property. Upon removing some exterior siding by the basement entrance and some insulation in the basement ceiling, the client discovered some powder post beetle damage. The client asked their home inspector to take a look at what he'd uncovered. When the inspector returned to re-inspect the property, the inspector took photos of the damage. Additionally, the inspector explained that, because of the siding and the insulation, the beetle damage was not visible during the inspection. The client resolved to ask the sellers to compensate him for the damage. Two months after the re-inspection, the client called the home inspector again. He hadn't heard back from the sellers, he explained, so he had reached out to some lawyers to ask what to do. The lawyers advised that he redirect his complaint to the home inspector. The inspectors' insurance, the lawyers said, should cover the cost to repair the damage. The Response Having heard about pre-claims assistance in a recent newsletter, the home inspector reached out to our pre-claims team for assistance. Because his client's complaint lacked a written demand for money—which is how his insurance policy defines a claim—the inspector's incident qualified for free legal help stifling the grievance. Additionally, should the complaint escalate to a claim after pre-claims assistance tried to help, the inspector would qualify for up to 50 percent off his deductible through his policy's Waiver of Deductible endorsement. (You can learn more about pre-claims assistance here.) The home inspector discussed the issue with pre-claims assistance over the phone. During the conversation, the home inspector was able to tell his side of the story and receive helpful risk management tips. "[My pre-claims agent] explained to me that, the faster you deal with these situations and get [a response] out to the client so that they understand what the limitations of the inspection are, the better chance you have of them not following up further with litigation," the home inspector told us in an interview for this article. [READ MORE]
  2. Hey to all you HI professionals in here. I am new here and a new HI, Well, truthfully I am still in the process of setting up my business about 40 min from Yosemite National Park. Still shopping for insurance, and have to do he website thing and ...well you know. I am not here to just pick your brains, though I will try to do that too. I am actually in my first post.....here..am going to share a little Powder Post beetle stuff FYI. Here goes. Powder Post beetles are a reddish brown to black, flattened bodied beetle. They bore 1/4" , 1/13" to 1/16" holes in wood members, like floor joists, rim boards, sill plates, beams in crawls as well as posts, ect. In CA they emerge in June usually. You will see the holes with an extremely fine, flour like, powder falling from them. Holes with frass that is light in color and clear in appearance means the beetle ior beetles are active.Old holes and frass are dafk in color. To keep them out of crawl spaces, The moisture content in the crawl,,or under the hoise needs to be less than 6% . Or wood members can be treated with "Timber" or " BoraCare". The frass left by other types of wood borers has tiny pellets in it and has a coarse texture and a tendancy to stick together. Holes are the size of a pinhead or pencil lead. The Faulse Powder post beetle the frass stays imside the tunnels and usually infests wood less than 10 yrs old. Their holes are around 1/8" round. Not sure about moistire content for that kind. The Deathwatch beetle leaves its frass in the galleries and are fine to coarse, small pellets. Cycle every 1 to 3 years and moisture comtent they need is 13% to 30%.. I foumd this info by Googling up PowderPost beetle. I foumd them in the floor joosts in a crawl the otjer day. I did not just spout it off the top of my head, wish I could. Apparently the sellers listing agent is insisting they have the house tented to rid it of an inactive infestation of the ends of 3 or 4 floor joists in one corner of the house. The listing agents pest control guy said so. No use in tenting, the floor joists and rim board have to be replaced anyway because of rot from a ledger board that was installed with inadequate flashing on one end of the house when the hoise was built. I saw no other damage and no active beetles. The expense will be devestating as it is, why insist they go to the expense of tenting? This agent has her own inspector, and he must have deffered a lot of the work to specialized inspectors because the listing agent sent out a window and door inspector, deck inspector, plumbimg inspector, roof inspector and a pest inspector. She also has "her repair guy" who completed some simple repairs by making them worse, the so called repairs he made were a joke, had no clue what he was doing. All of those inspections and those bad repairs were charged to the seller. They are paying for the IMO, unnecessary tenting as well.They decided to take the agents advice and do things her way. In my opinion she is acting shady and should not be the person hiring and ordering inspections and hireing repair men. All this after one home inspection when they got one offer and the potential buyer backed out. oh my oh mu Any thougjts on this kind of behaivior by a sellers listimg agent? Sorry for the superlong post!
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