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Found 1 result

  1. My house is in PA and was built around the 1940s. It has an unfinished basement with a stone foundation that has been worked on before (not sure exactly how much) and a floor that has been repoured a few time. I have only been in the house for a little more then 2 years so I don’t know all the details. The basement usually gets water after a good rain usually from the front of the house but never more then a coating. The previous owners installed a deep drain somewhat in the middle of the floor that seems to help get rid of any water we get. We want to eliminate the water issue and then finish off the basement so we can use it as living space. We have good ceiling height (around 7ft). We have had a couple companies out and they seem to contradict each other. One said we would need to have a footer added, that you need specific stone, a pipe with ridges (similar to ones used with gutters), and a certain pump in the perimeter drains because of the high acidity in the soil. He also mentioned their system was better because they drill small holes in the walls at the bottom that are filtered and drain into the system to relieve pressure on the walls and not just pull water under the foundation. Another said don’t use that pipe use pvc (the first guy said pvc wouldn’t work in our ground it just falls apart) and didn’t seem concerned about the stone, pump or what was in the soil. He focused on cleaning the walls and a barrier being needed on the wall if we wanted to finish the basement We are completely confused and going to get someone else out to look. Our goal is to get it done right so we don’t have to do it twice. We plan on being here a long time and want to enjoy that space. Do we need a footer? What pipe is the best to use? Does acidity in our soil effect the system? Sorry for the long post just trying to get all the info I have out. I included a photo of the drain and one of the front wall. Thanks,
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