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What is this stuff?

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I've never seen this material before. Can one of you tell me what it is? This 110 year old house had UFFI in the walls and this stuff in the attic floor. I think it was likely installed within the last 10 years or so. The little puff balls were almost the same consistency as a Cheeto.

Thanks in advance,


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It looks just like the UFFI I took out of my walls after I broke it up for transport. (transport= put it in the truck and drive around until it was gone.)

Reminds me of the time when I was moving some tree branches to a pile on my in-laws property in the country. I had tried to burn them in my backyard but they were too green to burn much. So I stomped the fire out and loaded them into my pickup for a 2 mile trip right thru the middle of town. I happen to look in the rear view mirror at a red light and a 6' fire is blazing in my truck bed! I jump out, put the fire out, get back in, chk the rear view mirror and a fat column of smoke is rising from my truck bed. By now the light is green, so I take off. 500' later, I chk the rear view mirror again and another 6' fire is blazing in the bed of my truck, right in the middle of town!

It took quite a while to get to my in-laws house that day.


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It's perlite.

Expanded perlite is graded into different sizes and is separated by screening. The stuff that's 1/4" or less is typically available as an additive for gardening soil and light-weight concrete. There is one grade, that's used almost exclusively for thermal insulation, that can be screened to as large as 1". 5/8" chunks is not unusual for expanded perlite.

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