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Jacked-up siding install?

Ben H

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This seems just flat out wrong to be, but I wanted to run it past the brains...

House built in the 60s. They broke the metal around the ends of the roof, then installed the J channel over the metal. This is just gonna let water run straight down the wall, right?

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That's what happens when the original wall cover gets sided over on a house of that vintage. It seems like a good plan until they get to the rake boards and have to punt. I've seen where the shinglemold has been removed and the siding just tucked under the metal rake edge, that looks even worse.

I'm guessing it's a Cape, and there would have been maybe 12 square of masonite over gypsum or homasote sheething if it were in my neck o' the woods. That stuff practically falls off the wall once you get it started, two or three guys could have had the place stripped bare in less than 2 hours. There's nothing saved by going over it.


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