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High Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease

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Anyone/Chad know where to get high temp wheel bearing grease such as PENNZOIL PREMIUM WHEEL BEARING 707L RED GREASE. It doesn't have to be Pennzoil however.

The problem is I have one of the mini grease guns that hold the small tubes of grease and I don't wish to purchase a full size gun for what little use it gets.


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If you absolutely can't have your wheels falling off, Mobil's synthetic grease is among the best. The fact is though, just about any grease today is better than all greases from 20 years ago.

All the major names have excellent high drip point greases and any of them will be fine for your new trailer.

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I have the same gun. I use the marine grade stuff that's bluish green.

I read something about grease and oil recently, and in summary, they're all the same across brands within the ratings levels. They have to comply with the same standards, and additives don't necessarily mean anything. This was a marine source, not Consumers Reports.

Is that true? Sure seems so.

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