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A Great Idea: Asbestos Siding

Bill Kibbel

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"This film showcases the latest in modern housing materials, the miracle mineral asbestos! Just imagine choosing to clad your new home, and a thousand others like it in malleable, colorfast and fireproof asbestos. Truly a gift to those new homeowners".

My favorite:

"turning old houses, often eyesores, into beautiful and gracious homes".

http://www.viddler.com/explore/condense ... ideos/230/

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Great video!

I know I must be sick, but based upon everything I've observed during my life and career, I love that stuff (asbestos cement siding). Outside of being breakable due to blunt force, the stuff will outlive us, our kids, and grandkids. Lol. When people tell me they plan to remove or cover it, I always ask them, "Are you sure?" [:-spin] Almost any direction you go from that siding, short of brick masonry or stone, seems to be a step down, as far as durability.

I wonder if there's any documentation of health problems among the installers of asbestos cement siding?

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