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I do not inspect


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Of course, if we had anything to do with it, the box would have to be blower door tested. coated with state of the art sealants, surrounded with a perimeter drain and sump pump with a discharge a minimum of five feet from the mound, a radon remediation system, an operable Velux skykight (proper egress - after all it is in the basement) and a solar powered ventilation fan for proper air exchange.

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Nah, lately I'm thinking something more like a 'Chock Full O Nuts' can someplace quiet with a really nice view. My needs for the next life will be far simpler than they are for this one.

That's my route as well. Spread my ashes on the Appalachian Trail and the open seas from the back of a cruise boat.

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My wife used to nag me about wanting a BMW -it being her dream car and all. I told her that they are too damned expensive; but, not to worry, I planned to have a double-bed coffin made in the shape of a BMW and see to it that when we die we are each interred in the same box, side-by-side. I was magnanimous in that I said I'd let her be in the driver's seat in the afterlife.

She wouldn't go for it; first, she said that one life putting up with me would be long enough, second, she's a born again Evangelical Christian, and since I believe in God but don't believe in the whole concept of religious teachings - ie. Mohammad, Buddha, Jesus Christ, etc. - she says there's no way she's going to be planted in the same box as a heretic, 'cuz she doesn't want to be in the same car when the demons latch their tow truck onto the rear bumper and drag me straight to hell. Guess I'll have to take the driver's seat and find someone else to ride shotgun.

Anyway, she foiled my plan nearly two years ago when she and some lady got into a head-on and her Suzuki was totaled. She replaced it with a friggin' X-3. I'm not allowed to drive the damned thing.

Oh well, wonder if Jessica Alba or Jennifer Garner will be looking for a ride when they kick? Maybe I could swing by and pick one of them up. [:-dev3]



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