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Frontier Museum , VA: English Farm House 1692

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Visited the Frontier Museum in Staunton, VA, where they have relocated farm homes from Germany, Ireland, England and several throughout America to show the European influence in early American architecture and frontier life. It was nice.

I was wondering if Bill Kibbel had a hand in the development of this museum?

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The roofing is apparently clay tiles, as seen from the attic.

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I lived in VA from '81 tom '83, then returned to NJ. Around that time there were 3 potential sites for this project, PA, VA & NC. By the time this project finally moved forward, I had moved to PA, where I was hoping it would be created. I was disappointed, but the VA had State politicians and major funding behind it.

I was there for a few weeks one summer to do research at the library there for another living history museum project. I stayed in an 1840s hewn-log farmhouse, on Pinnacle mountain overlooking the town of Luray.

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