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Frontier Museum, VA Early American Farm House

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Now this home's construction is very similar to the log home I lived in at Wheatland, VA., which was built in 1881.

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I personally repaired all of the chinking in it, which took about a year in my spare time. It simply had a main floor with a field stone fireplace, which I repaired, and an upper level with a set of rough-cut steps to it - no partitions whatsoever. An addition was later added to the back side of the building that had a kitchen and bathroom.

There was no central heat - just an Ashley wood stove and a kerosene free-standing heater, both of which worked overtime to keep the place warm. The addition was so poorly constructed that in the winter time the shower curtain would freeze solid to the metal shower stall floor. The home sat on a tall knoll with the addition facing the gap in the mountains that was Harper's Ferry, WV. The winds that came out of Harper's Ferry at that knoll were relentless and brutal. The roads could be plowed and would drift over again in fifteen minutes. One had to file in behind the snowplow to get into town and back home again.

I was also re-pointing brickwork on several homes in Bluemont, VA., which was earning me calls from historical societies as far away as Washington, DC (Georgetown). That was in the mid 80's.

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