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Interesting Floor

Ben H

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From reading the related articles and posts it seems like it is very much the same as any mosaic tile on a fiberglass mesh...with the big, time consuming difference being that you first have to glue the pennies onto mesh squares. One of the responders, who had done something very similar, first printed and laminated a template then, presumably, laid the mesh over that and glued (hot glue?) the coins one at a time. Evidently she was on maternity leave so had lots of time on her hands.

Once that was done you would just press the squares into an even layer of thinset and then grout, clean and seal as with any tilework.

If I was doing it myself for a large area I would use the template once to create a square of MDF with shallow penny-sized recesses (made with an appropriate Forstner bit). That way I could quickly (relatively) fill the board, lay the mesh down on top and then hot-glue. Pull it up and start again, etc, etc. Might have to wax the MDF to prevent sticking from stray glue.

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