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220V Heat pump no neutral?


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Here is a photo of a disconnect block in the attic of a home, it services a heat pump unit. My question is, can that small ground wire serve as the return leg safely if there is a problem with the other legs? Even if the neutral is not used by the unit should it not be available?

Thanks for the help guys, I try to learn and listen from more experienced 'spectors.

( I know wrong color hot leg going to unit(white))


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Uh Mike, "Yep" to what? Other than the white hot leg I can't see any issue there.

The grounds are bonded to the enclosure just like they are on any disconnect or piece of equipment.

There is no neutral on 220v.

They pulled a 3w / with ground on one side and capped the unused leg.

I see nothing wrong there. Is I blind? [8D]

Brian G.

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Thanks guys!

I wanted to be sure of what I think I know....HuH? Yhaaa. I thought the white conductor was the wrong color too Brian.

:) see I'm learning...

About those solid copper fuses......:)

Mike. A one work answer. Is that a first?

Everyone enjoys our humor...It's nice to be back



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Originally posted by Bruce Thomas

Doesn't the ground have to be equal to one of the legs?

No, it's just an equipment ground. If that were the case there would be no such thing as "something / 2 with ground NM cable", it'd all be "something 3 plain". It isn't intended to carry any current.

Brian G.

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