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French Door Glazing & Safety Glass

Mike Lamb

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Double checking some IRC stuff.

All the glazing I have seen in exterior doors is visibly marked as safety glass but the etching is not a requirement, right? R308.1. I am not missing an exception that exterior doors need a pemanent label?

Also, interior glass in French doors (8" x 12" panes) also should be safety glass. Right?

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A manufacturer's afadavit is an acceptable alternative to a permanent label. Imagine a several thousand dollar high performance true divided lite patio door with 30 individual 'bugs', it would be hideous to look at.

If your interior door is less than 20 years old or so, it is likely a single large piece of glass with an applied wood 'grille' on either side. Interior doors seldom have a 'bug', but if yours does there will only be one.

If it is tempered there will be tell tale ripples in the glass. These ripples are often used to advantage on large window walls to minimize bird strikes.

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