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Trying my hand at video reviews

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At the risk of pissing you off, I'm going to offer my honest opinion:

Lose the baseball cap and shorts. Tuck in the shirt. Get rid of the background noise and camera shake. Location actually looks good to me. That outdoor light seems great.

Can't judge the 'message' because I can't hear, but you can have a decisive impact on the audience if it's right.


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Not gonna piss me off at all. I'm not one for telling millionaire clients how to dress though. I was just happy that he was kind enough to do it for me.

Ya mean that the guy in the video was a client? Jeez. Sorry man, the language woulda told me if I could have understood it.


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Here's a cut/paste of what I replied with to you over at IN.

What point does that serve? Customers searching for good inspectors and inspections can see that such is a blatant setup ... even though you mean very well as does the client it is such a hype that can turn many folks off. I've checked with many, many folks (some clients and some not) and almost all of them have laughed such videos off.

Again ... I know you mean well as does your client, but bottom line is such (even if professionally produced for good audio/video quality) going to sway a future client?

Now ... that is MY input from many years of dealing with public, media, marketing, construction (~ 20+ years) and 20 years of commercial inspections and 7 years of residential inspections.

Just food for thought. I'm sure others will have other observations and they will all be well intentioned. As I noted I spent many years in the media world and that is part of my background and view of many of the "home-grown" marketing items that folks (including inspectors) come up with.

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Hey George. I don't know how "techy" you are, but you can remove that wind noise no problem with a free program called Audacity.

You simply take a sample of the wind noise, and it will take the noise out for you. Here is a video tutorial I did a while back for an old friends website.


I'll be happy to help you, if you need it.

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