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Cantilever Wall ...

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I saw 1 section of reinforced concrete cantilevered wall in front of a modern office building in Cambridge, MA yesterday.. At first, I thought it was something from an old MA highway project (we save junk like this around here...the Big Dig has driven us crazy..)...but then I realized that it was probably 'from elsewhere'. The faces were protected with plexiglass... It looked familiar..

I realized what it probably was, blessed myself and moved on.. It must be from ________ Do you think so too? If so, it's a long way from its original home...

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It's a section of the Berlin Wall. It looked oddly familiar to me but the rounded detail at the top threw me until I realized that had probably been put on there by whoever owns it now in order to keep people from climbing it. According to Wickipedia, a segment of the wall is located outside the main entrance to the North American headquarters of EF Education, a travel, international language education and cultural exchange company, which is located at One Education Street off of McGrath O’Brien Highway (across from the Science Museum).

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Is that where this is, Rob?



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Mike, that is exactly where it is.. near the Boston Museum of Science...but in Cambridge.. near where the Charles River begins to enter Boston Harbor..

I tried to post another photo but the process got botched folks.. There was some graffiti on it.. Mike's photo shows that graffiti...

I wonder what the cost was to ship that thing over.. ?

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It's not traffic, it's lots of people working together to get from where they are to where they're going.

Put two country folks at a stop sign intersection in the middle of nowhere, you get folks hyperventilating because someone's in their way.

Put a million city folks in a jam packed environment, and they (for the most part) figure it out and work together because they recognize everyone's gotta be someplace.

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I'm blind. I don't get/see the shadow thing??

They are, I believe, referrring to its priapic form.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

I don't get it. What does a shadow that looks like a peter (No, I'm not as erudite as you) have to do with being Jewish?

Perhaps it's a reference to the Jewish practice of circumcision and the attendant change in profile of the member under consideration.

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