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What NOT to do.


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I just had a friend hand me the business card of another inspector here in Richmond. This is what is printed on the back:

"Weather you are buying or selling a home, knowing its condition guarantees you a fair and smooth transaction.

With a home inspection you receive a thorough, indepth visual examination of the structure and operating components of the home performed by trained professionals."


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I thought I'd tossed it, but after some digging, I found that card that tops Michael's. I got it from the guy when he spoke at a seminar. I wonder if it gets him any business. He was all over the map with his talk. It ranged from aunts in the seller too the affects of whore frost at the peek. Butt it was knot awl that offal, because it was plane too sea, he did halve reel incite and new his kraft.

Wanna buy a bridge between Brooklyn and Manhattan? [:-dev3]

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