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Found some software to convert Word docs to PDF

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Here is a free software download - http://www.cutepdf.com/ - works nice. Make sure you download the free version as there is a paid for version. Basically, once installed on a Windows computer, just pull any document up to print but don't send it to your default printer. This software will convert almost anything to PDF. Pull down the menu to select a printer and you will see a printer named CutePDF. Print to that and it will ask you where to "print" to so you just select a folder where you want your PDF to be and hit print. Bingo, your document is transformed into a PDF and placed wherever you selected. Works nice for me, I keep my inspection agreement as a Word doc, but change it to a PDF for e-mailing. I know some of you use Word for inspection reports, this could help change those to PDFs for e-mailing.

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Some days I just feel like being a smart ass so here's a couple of quotes from Mignon Fogarty for you, Kurt. (By the way, ellipses are THREE ellipsis points, not eleven and you left out the spaces.)

"You should not allow the sweet lure of ellipses to muddle your ability to write a complete sentence."

"The author of one of my favorite books, Punctuate it Right, feels this way about writers who use ellipses to imply that they have more to say: “It is doubtful that they have anything in mind, and the device seems a rather cheap one.â€

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