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Judge Limits Liability for Chinese Drywall

Tom Raymond

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There is hope that a recent favorable circuit court ruling in Florida limiting damages against home builders by owners of houses with defective Chinese-made drywall will spread to other states where the cases are being tried.

The case, known as Marlene Bennett vs. Centerline Homes, Inc., consolidated a number of lawsuits by owners of homes with defective drywall against various builders.

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That's one of the most rational judges I've read about in a long time. For years, it's seemed, at least to my untrained and woefully ignorant mind, that most judges favor the whole idea of a nanny state where they everyone can sue and courts coddle them by handing out candy in the form of business-ending awards. Glad to see that there is at least one judge with half a lick of sense.



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Mysliwiec said that this decision makes it likely that drywall manufacturers and distributors will be assessed more of the damages for Chinese-made drywall, taking some of the load off home builders and pressuring the manufacturers and distributors to settle cases. For example, Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin, a major manufacturer of defective drywall, agreed in October to a preliminary settlement and will remediate 300 homes built with 95% or more Knauf drywall.

“This puts pressure on Knauf to expand its drywall remediation program,â€

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