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Leaky "Mechanical tees" in a 'wet' sprinker system

Rob Amaral

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This one helps me when I'm not sure where else to go: http://www.thomasregister.com/ Let's you search by product or service, company name, and/or brand name.

Here's a list of manufacturers with National in their name. Not sure which one it would be but would first guess the Natinal Piping Products one.

Full list and links available at: http://www.plumbingnet.com/listn.html

National Bathing Products

5 Greenwood Ave

Romeoville, IL 60446

815-886-5900; fax: 815-886-5936


National Control Systems, Inc.

114479 S. Pine Dr., Ste. 21

Parker, CO 80134

800-998-6493; fax: 303-840-2287

National Draeger, Inc. ... see Draeger Safety, Inc.

Nationaline brand Water Heaters see State Industries

National Mfg & Supply

South 14th Ave

Mendota, IL 61342

800-880-0442; 815-539-9786

National Network-Master Distributors

4819 Reading Rd.

Dallas, TX 75247-6716

214-951-8677; 800-355-8677; fax: 214-630-1255

National Piping Products, Inc.

5906 Armour Dr.

Houston, TX 77020

713-675-8529; 800-648-5721; fax: 713-675-9809

National Test Plugs, Inc.

P.O. Box 3050

Palos Verdes, CA 90274

800-333-2212; fax: 310-377-5365

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Erby: Thanks. I should have thought of the Thomas Register. I'll check it out. I spoke with a local sprinkler guy and he came up with some comments to the effect that ANY glycol-filled system, no matter how good or well-installed the fittings, eventually leaks. Anybody heard of that one? I'm thinking of anti-freeze in a car....Hmmmmmm.

He also said that a bunch of cheap mechanical tees ended up in the US from the Middle East somehow... R

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