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Off Topic, R/C Airplanes

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Anyone here fly R/C airplanes? I just finished up Sig's new Mayhem ARF today, it's ready for a run up in the garage tomorrow. The hardware is completely top-drawer from Sig. E.G. The rudder functions with pull-pull cables and thimbles.

I have a Super Tiger .90 engine bolted to the front, so it should hover pretty well. [^]

Wingspan is right at about 6 feet. Thought I better take a picture of it before I take it out and get it all dinged up. [:-crazy]

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Awsome job. Mrs Claus was goood to you. I tried planes years back but the crashes were to costly for me. I migrated to an RC 10 and have worked my way up to a T-Maxx. It's about 20" long, 20" wide 4 wheel drive and runs about 45 mph. It only cost me a Baldwin upright for my wife!

Charlie Sessums


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Hey! I can even get this somewhat on topic for inspections!

Check out draganfly.com and look to the 4-prop RC flyer that they have. Last I checked (a while back) they had a wifi camera on there that you could pick up on your laptop.

That'll fix your steep roof inspection jitters I'll bet!


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