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Frosty in the attic part two


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About the decking. Those are some clean looking boards that must be fairly old. There isn't any staining on the rafters either, and no drip marks on the ceiling joists.

I've been a lot of attics lately covered with black and slimey sheathing covered with mold or whatever it is. Makes me want to hold my breath.

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I see that daily this time of year. Like Matt, I base my interpretations on surrounding conditions; w/as clean as that picture looks, I'd probably point it out to my customer as an interesting aside, not a particular defect.

I got a picture in my camera waiting to be downloaded that will interest you; taken yesterday in 2 degree weather. The sheathing is black & covered in a sheet of ice; that gets a comment in the report.

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60 degrees and sunny here on Puget Sound (Mid-summer it's usually 70 to 73 degrees). We had record lows a couple of weeks ago!

It rained like hell the last couple of days, breaking all records for rainfall in January. Melted the snow up in the Cascades and Olympics and we had something like 14 major rivers above flood stage yesterday morning. Most peaked last night and today is beautiful. I hear though that the respite will be short and there's more rain on the way.

Just saw on the news that geologists are watching an ice chunk the size of Deleware that is getting ready to break off the Antarctica shelf. Wonder if that'll cause a Tsunami too.

OT - OF!!!


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