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Don't freak over the old posts

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Hi All,

Don't freak out over the old posts that just popped up on the screen. There's nothing wrong with the software.

I just noticed that what normally looks like a red checkmark on one side of my monitor to tell me that something is in a locked cache was not a steady red but was actually blinking; so, I checked it out. Jeez!

Mike B. Is there another color we can use that will be more visible when it's flashing - orange or yellow or dayglo green maybe?



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First it was a grey checkmark... then I changed it to red... then I made it blink... I think it may need a siren for you to notice... [:-blindfo


Change it to a brilliant flashing pink if you want it to get attention. That was the color of a house next to my brother's years ago. His wife loved it, he says. She was on a diet and after gorging, she'd look out through the window at the house and..... I won't elaborate but it worked. [:-sick]


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