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Condensation on double pane windows - Help.

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Hello can you all help me out by telling me the following:

-What is the current humidity in your home

-What is the temperature outside your home

-What is the temperature inside you home

I just would like to know what every one else humidty level is in comparison to minds.

thanks very much

What you're asking means nothing. John Doe lives in Jamaica - how does that relate to your conditions?

Call a reputable heating company to take a look at what is going on.

You've got to stop spewing misinformation. J. Doe moved to Eleuthera maybe . . . two years ago. Get up to speed, for crying out loud.

Sorry, my bad.

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At my house in WI I contribute the upstairs moisture to the bathroom shower. That and the fact that the cold air returns are not quite balanced. It's an 80 year old cape cod. I also think the window and window jam are the least energy efficient insulators. The bathroom shower isn't used oftne in winter because that would instigate ice damming which is way worse than the small puddle in the ol' sill. Ya gotta love the nort' eh? bill

If you pipe your bathroom exhaust fan outdoors you'll be fine.

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Hello here is the pictures of my setup as I said earlier, this shows the cold air return vent, location for cold air return in regards to the water heater and furnace as well as the fresh air intake.

Let me know what you all think. Right now it is -19 deg C (outside), 68 deg F (inside) and 28% humidity but still frost on windows, maybe the windows are just gone and need replacing could be a posibility.

anyways that vent I show in the picture I currently have a card board over to restrict air flow in the basement.


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Right now it is -19 deg C (outside), 68 deg F (inside) and 28% humidity

Kinda confusing switching between C & F in the same sentence.

I used to run the mud tub on a drilling rig out in the Nebraska winters. -50F + wind chills were common as was the saying "Colder than a well diggers ass!"

Though I always personally preferred the "Colder than a witches (booby).

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Is the 3" duct drawing air from outside? If so, it may be the cause of your problem. That would be a little wacky for a residential system. It's common in commercial buildings--specifically meeting rooms and areas with lots of bodies--to better circulate and dehumidify the air, especially when the system is operating on A/C mode. But I've never seen a set-up like that in a house.

Maybe where you are.

It's extremely common here to have a fresh air intake connected to the return air and on a timer. Cycles on and an actuator opens a damper allowing cold air to dump into the cold air return. At the same instant it cycles on, the furnace air handler kicks on and an exhaust fan, usually on the upper floor or in a laundry room, starts pulling air out of the interior. Our energy code recommends running those systems 8 out of every 24 hours; I think 4 to 6 is just fine.



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I'm with Terry, something is dumping moisture into the building. It's been around 30F outside and I keep the house around 64F, I haven't measured the RH but my dry nose tells me is't way below 34%. Check your exhaust fans, make sure they work and are ducted outside, and make sure you use them.

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