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Stay Out Off The Doghouse This Season

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Amateurs! Every year I wait until Christmas day to see what I've bought my wife for Christmas. I learned long ago that buying her gifts only results in disappointment. I finally adopted a policy of, "Honey, if you think you'd love it if I were to buy it for you, buy it; 'cuz I'm so clueless that I probably never would."

Works great, she's never disappointed at birthdays, anniversarys or Christmas. Me, on the other hand, I've got so many socks and pajama pants now that I'm thinking about starting a puppet factory.

Well, maybe that last bit was a little bit harsh; after all, she did let me puchase a new Protimeter, SureTest and W90 for the business, new tires for the truck (Not much choice there, really), and take that commercial inspection course without putting up much of a fuss.



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As a young man, I learned something very important about myself. I discovered that I really dislike sleeping alone. Since that time, I've dedicated a fair amount of resources to minimize my exposure to that unhappy situation.

If spending some extra time and/or money on a Christmas/Birthday gift insures against it, then I am only too happy to oblige. Wimp? OK. I can live with that.

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